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Advise needed - Impatient Customer

This is not really a beware, but I do take commissions over FA for many years.
And a few times I have encountered rude or impatient customers like any other artist.

However, a returning customer lately has been very unpleasant to work with.
Note that it's a Concept Art means...a Reference Sheet, which a quiet large commission and it has been less than a month since he paid for it. But he persistently asks for updates and uses "how are you?" or "how do you feel?" as a scapegoat to ask for updates every, single, day. I had urged him to stop asking not once but twice. I want to let you know as well, that I am very open to answer anything to my customers and will do ANYTHING to assure their satisfaction. But now I get guilt tripped that he has depression and wants to see the commission done today every time he asks for it, or makes analogies that he is my friend to receive a pat in the head to forget what he is doing.

I honestly do not know what is the best approach for this.
Few friends mention the Silent Treatment or tell to stop asking much rougher.

I am feeling a little sad myself now, that this person fell on my commission list and have to deal with it. And since I am very passionate on my drawings to make them look spectacular to make my customers happy...it left me with tied hands.

Any help regarding this circumstance, would be deeply appreciated.

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Jun. 29th, 2017 06:21 am (UTC)
Do you use Trello?

I set up every commissioner with their own Trello card and link it to them when I invoice, along with a note saying something like,"Please check regularly for updates on your commission". Might be something to think about in future.

For this specific dude, tell him flat out, you will update him once a week (or whatever timeframe works for you) and that continued daily pleas for updates constitute harassment, and will result in his commission being cancelled. In which case you'd issue a full refund and repurpose the art.

Or, y'know, since it's nearly done, power through in the next 2-3 days while ignoring him pestering you. Not that I think ignoring a client is a great idea but there are limits and 2 or 3 days won't kill anyone :|


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