Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar (mercae_killar) wrote in artists_beware,
Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar

Artist in need of advice

I have emailed the person offering to do either my own characters in place of the capcom characters, or some original characters for him, or if he does not like these options, I am still prepared to send him a refund. I explained to him my knowldge of copyrighted chracters has expanded, and I know better about what is and isnt allowed. (I have been learning for a while).
His is the first and only commission I have ever even considered which was not of either original chracters, or ones i had permission to draw.
I think I need to quit being so afraid of making people mad at me, I will get into less trouble.

*end edit*
Hi all,
I just might have been mentioned in here as a slow artist, not sure though.
Anyway, I have an issue I'm not quite sure how to handle.
About 6 months ago I took a commission which I think was $30. It was for any number of characters, full color.
THe guy who won paid and then asked me questions.
I was fine with the fetish, however he wanted 7 people total in the picture, again, not a problem, I said any number of characters.
However he wanted capcom characters (originaly wanted sonic characters)
well i was in despret need of the cash, and said ok (my internet was about to be turned off, and I need it to conduct business). Well then alot of other things hit me.
The commissioner has been extreamly patient. Even when I told him I wasnt sure I could quite pull off the situation he wanted.
Then I had to move, twice.
I offered him a refund, but he did not want it.
Now I am to the point, I absolutly do not want to draw this picture, I hate capcom characters, and really don't feel right anymore about drawing copyrighted characters as part of a commission (outside of a con)
Since he does not want a refund, am I moraly, and legaly obligated to do this picture? I'll still give him his money back, I just cannot get this picture done.

Thank you for your advice.

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