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TOS Dismissing Unprofessional Behavior

If someone has "no refunds" in their TOS, how does that come into play if the artist is unprofessional?

Say a client pays an artist and the artist is nothing but rude to the client as the commission continues. If the client wants to cancel due to this behavior, does the artist still have the right to keep the money and refuse a refund? (In this situation we're assuming that the commissioner is /not/ at fault.)

Disclaimer: I'm not currently having this issue, but I am curious about what you think about the scenario.
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May. 17th, 2017 02:14 pm (UTC)
"Now if you already got yourself in the murky water and your artist is being rude, best is to swallow your pride and go through with the commission as smoothly as possible, letting them be as rude as they want, and you get your artwork and never return to that artist again."

I think I'd still want to opt for a refund through alternative measures. If the artist is really rude, I wouldn't even have good association with the work, so it would be akin to wasting the money, to be honest. I feel like paypal would certainly side with someone if they had proof of the artist's abuse. I'd hate for it to come to that with any commission though!


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