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Beware: Joshain Lucarian

WHO: Joshain Lucarian


WHAT: Laminated headshot Badge w/lanyard, Tail badge, and badge clips.

WHEN: Commissioned on September 8th, 2016 and still on going.

EXPLAIN: I had commissioned Joshain back on September 8th 2016. Although they are very nice and I am a VERY patient person I am very unsatisfied with the updates I recieved. I believe I got one picture showing me the draft of the tail badge I ordered. (I ordered laminated headshot, tail badge, badge clips, lanyard.  Please note in the screenshots a friend paid for me. Unfortunely, they paid through paypal friends and family. Other than the one WIP picture to my knowledge I recieved nothing else. I would ask for updates every few weeks, (I lost our earlier messages on my other account - due to a Facebook sweep) and even then it was hard to get in contact with them due to their messages not working. - September 18th, 2016,  They had informed me they were beginning their commissions again as they had taken a break. This message had been sent to both this account and the other I was more active on at the time - I had answered on my lost account which is why there is no response here.

(Started on last image ) February 15, 2017, I had poked him again since it was a while since I had last heard from him. He told me he had messaged me asking for my address but my account was down. Since they were ready to be shipped I had asked to see them, he told me he wasn't able to send them at that moment and will later but so far hasn't. /  -  He took down my name and address to remind themselves to send it. - By February 26th, I had yet to recieve anything in the mail so messaged him again asking, he hadn't as a friend had his sketchbook. After that, I had left him alone. (Same image) March 11th, I asked him when I should expect my items and that was when he told me he had already sent it out through regular mail that Tuesday. He let me know he'd keep an eye out on it, in case it was sent back to him. - March 19th, I still had yet to get anything in the mail so once again shot them a message, neither of us had gotten anything in the mail. - March 23rd, 24th, 29th and April 3rd, I've sent him messages only to be ignored by him.

Aside from him telling me he mailed I have no way to prove it as I did not receive a tracking number or other information. So far, I haven't received a thing. I've gotten art from Germany and it didn't take this long. I've tried for the past few days to resolve this by refund or anything really.

I have had to resorted to posting to their wall and commenting on posts they've made to get their attention. So far my comments have been deleted and unanswered. So, I've been tagging them in statuses to get them to respond. Their facebook chat log show them online and active often. - All the attempts I've made to get in contact with him, the last time I've heard from him was April 19th only to be told he was busy and he would message me back. But, of course he never did. //Also, the beware I speak about was a facebook group I had been apart of. A friend of mine recommended here to me, we are both hoping it helps.

On one of my statuses a friend of his came to defend him, /  - They stated that if their friend was doing this there had to be a reason. So far, I don't see a reason as everything had been going well until they supposedly mailed out my items.

PROOF: All images placed in one album -

At this point, I have to assume they're blatantly ignoring me and I won't be seeing anything from this transaction.

If anyone has any ideas on what I can do, that would be great.

Thank you for your time and have a good day.
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