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Commissioner Question

Hello There,

I am a commissioner and have been for quite a few years and just recently, in the last month, (March - April) I had an artist come out of the blue and say how fabulous my web site is and wanted to know if I could commission them. Now I don't usually commission anyone that comes to me out of the blue but the artist (who shall remain nameless) has rather good artwork and took the chance upon doing so to commission them. Now forgive me if this is rude or comes across as rude but if an ARTIST approaches you for a commission and such, would I be expectant in a quicker turn around? Or faster service then normal since they came to me? Would I still have the normal protection if I had gone to them and they accepted? I honestly think it's the first time I had someone come to me asking me to commission them and was on the back-foot. Is this also common practice or do the artists here rather have customers come to them?

Sorry for the rambling!

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Apr. 17th, 2017 11:42 pm (UTC)
I'm giving this commissioner some serious side-eye...especially when you say they've been "very odd with you" when asking for updates on progress. (How so?)

From time to time, maybe twice a year, I'll receive a message expressing enthusiasm or praise for a blog or a work I've done, and then asking me to do something - often check out their gallery and commission them, or visit a particular website, or sign up to a particular website (because they would just loooove to have my stuff uploaded to attract people to their site). The messages can be pretty convincing, right down to naming a specific work of mine that they "liked", and sometimes a "your portrayal of Character X was spot-on!"

And twice now, the "check out my gallery and commission me" ones have turned out to be a scam, with a gallery full of stolen art from somewhere else.

Sooo...yup, serious side-eye. Unless you already knew (or knew of) the artist beforehand and they didn't just pop up out of the ground, I'd be on your guard about this.
Apr. 17th, 2017 11:48 pm (UTC)
I think the odd behaviour is due to a language breakdown / barrier as they didn't speak English as a first language and such and I've never even heard this artist before and I checked their gallery and they seem to have a steady stream of commissioners buying from them and not raising any red flags as of yet except for as said above, the miscommunication.


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