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Advice: ignored commission request

An artist on FA had made a journal stating that they would be closing commissions soon, so I sent them a FA note asking if any slots were still open. They said yes and asked me what I wanted for the commission. Unfortunately, their response came in the wee hours of the morning and I had to go away for the weekend, so I did not see their reply until 3 days later. I apologized for the lack of communication on my part and sent a response with the commission details. A full week passed, and I saw that my message had been read but not replied to. The artist says on their page to send another note if they haven't replied in a couple days, so I shot them a quick message just asking if they'd gotten my note with the commission info. That note, too, was read and not replied. It's been another 7 days, and in between then and now, the artist has opened a new account on a different site and been actively posting there as well as FA. I considered sending a third message (possibly on the new site) as I enjoy their work and really want to commission them, but I don't want to be pushy, and I am wondering if this is the artist's way of indirectly declining my commission. What are your thoughts?

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Apr. 17th, 2017 03:48 am (UTC)
I was in a similar situation once with an artist who, after I expressed interest in a commission, asked me to send them the details on three different social media platforms, before finally ignoring me altogether. Dealing with something like this is incredibly frustrating, especially if it's someone who you would very much like a commission from.

But, as everyone else here has said, this is more than likely a dodged bullet; communication like this in the very early stages of a commission could come up again after the artist has your money.

Surprisingly, I don't think this is an uncommon thing; I wish artists would tell customers when they weren't interested in their commission and/or could no longer take it on at the time, much like how it's important for a customer to tell an artist if they're no longer interested in a commission. It would spare everyone involved a lot of frustration. :[ Sorry to hear this came up!
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