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That Eric Thing

Beware: Kij3k

WHO: kij3k


WHAT: 4 flat colored full body images

WHEN: payment was sent june 12th 2016

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this person to draw 4 images in june as shown above. I changed the characters june 28th since they had not gotten any work done In july they said that since they took so long theyd like to shade them, which i responded with this and that day they got the first one done
The trouble started not long after when they said their computer died and they'd have to take a hiatus so i decided to ask about my commission and if i would get a refund. I was told that id have to wait
They returned in september and got a lot of work done but still did not get to mine. In november I sent them a note asking why and got this as a response once i gave them the references it didnt take them very long to finish another one of mine as you could see here there was a misunderstanding, i mixed up notes and thought that i had paid for shading instead of them offering it for free. I let it go pretty fast, and only found the original notes with what i commissioned later on. Only a few days later they posted this though they did not link me to it, i found it on my own while checking their gallery. I figured everything was going well but then realized i hadnt heard from them for a month.
I left them a comment here asking and they redirected me to their journal here
They have a comment on their page saying not to ask about it

A big reason as to why I'm making this beware is because I noticed them taking on more work despite owing me art for about 10 months as you can see here and here

PROOF: everything should be posted above in order.

UPDATE: they posted a journal in response here

UPDATE2: I reached out again via note and i gave them the references again. hopefully it works out now.

UPDATE3: I got one of them. not resolved yet but progress. im unable to post screencaps at the moment sorry

UPDATE4: Last one was completed this is resolved

Tags: artist-kij3k, resolved

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