Grygon (grygon) wrote in artists_beware,

More on Blaque Tygriss

Just a warning to those who make a habit of ripping people off: karma WILL catch up (keep reading). :)

This is a slight update/reminder about Blaque Tygriss, who stole $400 from me:

She has again become very active on her mailing list in the last few months but I have yet to hear from her on anything about MY commission. I won't accept her "I'm her too busy" excuses now, cause she posts like crazy to her mailing list and that tells me she DOES have time to answer all my old emails, or at least contact me personally in regards to the art she is supposedly doing for me. She has again started taking and doing commissions as well, though still owes tons of people artwork from years past (me included).

And it appears she has had money first lost in the mail, and now stolen from her mailbox. I feel for the poor soul who had to send her TWO checks, neither of which got to her (supposedly), but I do have to smile that karma seems to finally be biting this thief where it pinches.
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