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Beware: Dao

WHO: Dao on IMVU/DauxyCheeks on FA/Xashy on DA

WHERE: This took place through Facebook through her personal profile. This is her IMVU account, the products were to be made and delivered through IMVU. IMVU for Dao
My IMVU account, where the products were supposed to be delivered

WHAT: This was for a custom furset for IMVU. Custom AdSkin, kini, ears, tail, hands, feet products. I sent her my reference and all of the mesh links she would need for the set. She said $30 was fine, I sent her $32. (As I normally send a couple of dollars more to cover fees) Here are the screenshots of our conversation that took place via Facebook. Dao1, Dao2, Dao3, Dao4

WHEN: I first contacted her December 5th of 2016, December 6th I canceled my order and was blocked, December 7th I filed a claim with PayPal, December 15th I received the email saying she provided tracking information and the case was closed, December 17th first appeal denied, the last email I received by from PayPal was March 23rd of 2017 saying that my second appeal complete with screenshots of my IMVU account was denied.


EXPLAIN: Well I posted an ad in one of the furry Facebook groups asking if anyone would be up to making a furset for me on IMVU. Dao (Facebook name omitted for privacy) messaged me via Facebook messenger and I sent her the mesh links and the cash for what I wanted. I had a personal emergency come up and needed to cancel. I felt bad for having to cancel, but I thought since she stated she had another set to finish before she got to mine maybe it would not be too bad. To my surprise, she tells me she finished the skin and already submitted it to the IMVU catalog without even showing me first. I was a little confused by that but decided if she could just show me proof/show me the skin then I would let her keep a portion for her work/time. That's when things got odd because she told me I was really putting her in a bind and that PayPal was where she paid her bills? I did not find that to be appropriate or relevant but it was right after she said she would "get that processed" for me that she blocked me. I tried typing out a response and I got the little pop-up message telling me "this person is not receiving message from you at this time". I honestly took that as a big red flag and consulted with my friends and family on what I should do/did. I waited a day for the refund/reversal and then just went to PayPal to make a claim. It was going to be a dispute but at the time since she had me blocked I thought a claim would be best. I waited until the 15th, that's when I got an email back from PayPal telling me the case had been closed because the seller (Dao) had provided tracking info and confirmed I received my merchandise. I was confused and very frustrated, it was a digital product I ordered. How could they have taken tracking info from her and say it's confirmed when I have proof showing I have nothing in my account from her? I decided to call again and appeal my case. It was shot down almost immediately, on the 17th they had denied my first appeal stating that the seller had provided "compelling information" for my case in their favor. In truth, I gave up for awhile. I figured she just won and I was never getting anything back. I just got ripped off for $32 for nothing. Then a few days ago I had to file a dispute for a totally different issue and the supervisor I spoke with said I should send more screenshots and appeal again. I didn't even know that was an option but I figured I might as well. After another hour or so on the phone the supervisor told me she would contact me directly. Well, that never happened and some representative named "Bob" sent me an email yesterday telling me my screenshots did not prove anything. So I guess I'm just posting this here in hopes to either have this resolved or at the very least share my experience with you guys/potential customers of hers.

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Mar. 28th, 2017 09:53 am (UTC)
Please be careful in the future. While this artist seems to be stringing you along, if you commission future artists and they complete the work before you want the refund, most artists will want to be compensated for their time. $7 is no where near compensation for a completed $32 commission if they had completed it. Most artists would not refund you. If they had even half completed the work the artist would ussally keep some of the money.
I am sorry this happened though and I really hope it gets resolved.
Mar. 28th, 2017 10:16 am (UTC)
IMVU creator here:

I think you are misunderstanding (or maybe I am misunderstanding you, if I am I apologize). An IMVU furset is made of multiple parts, the commission in question is made of six parts according to OPs post. Even if the skin had been completed (which there seems to be no evidence it was even worked on) it was only a portion of the entire commission (in this case, one product out of six that were part of the whole set). Seven dollars out of a thirty dollar commission (the commission was only $30, OP gave them the extra $2 as a tip because they expected the commission to go well) is not bad. That is almost a quarter of the commission cost.

Submitting the skin DOES cost IMVU credits. However, there are ways a creator on IMVU can recoup their time and credits put into the commission (like how other artists could make something into a YCH). The creator could override the skin's textures and rename it to use it for another custom or a public sale fur. The developer could also modify the work they had done to make it different enough from the character and use it to make a new fur so their work is not gone to waste as well.
Mar. 28th, 2017 03:26 pm (UTC)
Whoops my apologise i did misread one part, I initally thought they said, the artist had claimed to have complete the whole commission not just the skin (also agree, there is no evidence they have done anything, so op should get full refund. )
Now If they had only completed the one skin that does make much more sense and I believe that partial refund would have been totally fine.


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