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Pregnant artists. Comfy positions? Advice?

I'm having a little trouble being 6 months pregnant at this point to find comfortable positions and ways to draw while sitting at my desk.

Is there anyone here that can give me a little advice, and maybe share personal experiences for others that may one day be in a similar situation?

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Mar. 22nd, 2017 04:46 am (UTC)
I wish I could suggest something but all my answers depend on what kind of uncomfortable you're feeling, and a lot of things are about what feels right for you and what you need.

Some mostly blanket things are - don't go for a standing desk, because standing for long times is bad, especially if you're already dealing with swelling. Putting your feet up on a box might help as well.

Take frequent breaks, and stretch in ways that make you feel better. Some people like arms above the head, some people go arms out to the front; you know your body, so I leave that to you.

Use lumbar support cushions or pillows - what works might change very frequently, so using a stack of old or cheap pillows is fine. If you end up looking like you're slouching but you feel more comfortable and well-supported, that's fine. If you sit on a pillow, that's fine too.

Adjust your workspace to suit you - move your monitor, put your keyboard on your lap, use a wrist support, that sort of thing. Your needs may change here as well, so don't get too attached to one way or another.

You can also use a laptop or tablet lying down, if you need to. You don't have to be stuck with a desk. If you have the room, you can rearrange your desktop to be at ground level, even.

disclaimer: My personal experience is with chronic back pain, not pregnancy.


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