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Adoptable Discussion Post

Howdy everyone!

We’ve started to see an increase in the number of questions and bewares involving adoptables so it’s time for a discussion post. We’d love to hear your thoughts on adoptable transactions. Some things we’d love to hear about:

-Reselling, Trading, and Gifting. What do you allow as a seller? What do you avoid as a buyer? Does the type of art being resold (one adopt, an adopt with new pieces of art, or an adopt that has been made into a fursuit) change the way you feel about this?

-Design Rights. If a new piece of reference art is created for an adopt can the customer now sell the design? What rights do you think an artist has to a design they create?

Those are only a few questions to get a conversation going. Please feel free to leave any and all thoughts you have about adopts as long as you:
- Don’t name artists, species, or customers by name. This isn’t a beware post. Keep it anonymous.
- Try to keep the conversation on the transactions around adoptables and not to the concept of adoptables themselves. People love adoptables! We want to know your thoughts on the business side.
- Keep it civil.

We look forward to your discussion!

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Mar. 29th, 2017 08:29 pm (UTC)
People sharing commissions that they get is unique to these fandoms. The law was made with a more broad scope, and even some anime folks don't "get" why I would want to repost anything.
Mar. 30th, 2017 01:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, I noticed that.

I guess I wouldn't "get" that either if I wasn't apart of it.

I like sharing it because I like seeing peoples characters a lot sometimes, and if they have a gallery for the character I could easily access it, even in favorites would be easier, I guess too but even that can get mixed up. Since fursonas/oc's are easier to see than typing in the name of the character, and getting mixed results depending on the website.

that's my reason atleast. Do you like sharing it? Do you not?

Sorry if any of my words come off as rude. I'm just generally curious.


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