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Adoptable Discussion Post

Howdy everyone!

We’ve started to see an increase in the number of questions and bewares involving adoptables so it’s time for a discussion post. We’d love to hear your thoughts on adoptable transactions. Some things we’d love to hear about:

-Reselling, Trading, and Gifting. What do you allow as a seller? What do you avoid as a buyer? Does the type of art being resold (one adopt, an adopt with new pieces of art, or an adopt that has been made into a fursuit) change the way you feel about this?

-Design Rights. If a new piece of reference art is created for an adopt can the customer now sell the design? What rights do you think an artist has to a design they create?

Those are only a few questions to get a conversation going. Please feel free to leave any and all thoughts you have about adopts as long as you:
- Don’t name artists, species, or customers by name. This isn’t a beware post. Keep it anonymous.
- Try to keep the conversation on the transactions around adoptables and not to the concept of adoptables themselves. People love adoptables! We want to know your thoughts on the business side.
- Keep it civil.

We look forward to your discussion!

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Mar. 1st, 2017 05:10 am (UTC)
Just as a customer I tend to generally avoid artists that have really strict rules against reselling, trading, gifting, depending on what the rest of their TOS looks like. I pretty rarely sell designs that I've purchased, but having to go through the trouble later of jumping through hoops if I ever DO decide to get rid of a design, just isn't worth it for me.

As far as I'm aware, only the art itself is copyrighted to the artist, not the actual design, so more than anything these types of rules just confuse me? I don't quite understand the mentality behind wanting to control what happens to a design after you've sold it. I can understand an artist not wanting to sell a design for $20, and then that person turn around and sell it for triple that amount. Or having someone trade for a design and then sell it off to profit. But at the same time I'm just very "ehhhhhhhhh?" about it. Mostly because I don't believe that most people are malicious about these things and aren't trying to take advantage of anyone or anything. They just have a design they aren't using and wanna get rid of it but not be left with nothing in the end because they paid money/traded something that they paid money for.

Along with reselling/trading/gifting rules, I will never buy anything from an artist who has "If you do not follow my TOS I will revoke the design you purchased." in their rules/TOS. I think it's completely outrageous and not morally right to do something like that. I know it's kind of big in a few of the CS communities, but it just comes off like a scare tactic to get people to follow your TOS. I don't 100% know the legalities behind it, but it doesn't really feel legal. :/

Idk I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a TOS that includes things about reselling/etc if you feel strongly about it, but I don't necessarily agree with bewares being posted against someone who breaks it (unless they're clearly and obviously being malicious in some way). Just blacklist them or something? I might be being too lax and thinking it's a very minor issue because I don't entirely understand the necessity, as I'm not an artist myself who has to deal with these things. ):

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