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WHO: Thatdangcat / Toradoshi

WHERE: They have heaps of places to contact them, these are all the ones they have listed on their Furaffinity. All contact we had was via emails or FA notes.

WHAT: Round two from this beware I guess it'd be best to familiarize yourself with this, but TL:DR below

Premade partial on Furbuy to be made into a digitigrade fullsuit. Purchased by myself and my partner as a joint commission with him doing the majority of the contact for ease of commission, deadline passed, ignored for a full year and finally resumed contact with a new deadline, deadline has once again passed with all contact being ignored.

WHEN: New contract for a premade partial to be made into a full suit began 9th August 2016, deadline was 31st October 2016.

7/31/16 - Finally getting back in contact with us.

8/9/16 New contract was worked out after we resumed contact with Toradoshi. 3 month deadline was given along with a minimum of weekly updates were to be sent to us.

8/27/16 - 9/12/16 - a record of the "updates" we received, just a single update saying she'd get back to us.

11/11/16 - Deadline passed and we received no response to any of our emails sent again
Along with notes still going unread

2/18/17 - We sent this note today from both of our FA accounts and also the email we were using to contact her on. I don't actually know if she'll bother to read it, but at least I've tried all the platforms we were contacting her on :/

EXPLAIN: Bought a premade partial from Thatdangcat/Toradoshi on 4/4/15, stopped updating us after the 7/25/15. Used alt account to get them to start replying to us again. New contract was worked out on the 8/9/16 that gave her a 3 month deadline - her original estimation on how long the suit would take was 2-4 months, so giving her another 3 months after a full year of getting ignored seemed reasonable.
Was also agreed that she'd give us weekly updates on the progress. Got a single 'update' saying she'd get back to us.
Deadline has passed again and once again back to getting ignored.
Sent a final note to her FA and email from both of our accounts and emailed to her - Shout out to whoever posted a few bewares ago, used your comment as a template for the final note <3 I think at this point if I hadn't it would have read as much angrier. I'm pretty frustrated and upset that we're out a LOT of money that I don't think we'll be seeing again :/
Not going to bother waiting the week we've given her before posting this, because it seems like her track record so far is that we just won't get any response at all.
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