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FurAffinity fursuit scammer

WHO: Mew / Xionica (fursuit character name)


WHAT: Fursuit partial (being resold) - fursuit shown on their Xionica page.

WHEN: Around March / April 2016 is when I first paid on it. July 9th was my last payment.

PROOF: Everything is chronologically placed in my dropbox but I'll also post the links chronologically through the explanation as well.

Proof that Mew and Xionica are the same person:

She sent me art of the character that wasn't even posted on Xionica's account. She said that's where the fursuit was hosted and that she would sell account, char art, and the FurAffinity profile along with purchase.

This proof shows that I made payments on it and that it was to her paypal she specified: - This was my final payment.

EXPLAIN: I was scammed out of 107$ on a fursuit partial, being sold to me by Mew

The story behind this: Originally I agreed to buy this fursuit partial from this person that I considered a friend because I wanted to help them out with bills + the design was VERY well detailed for only 500$ + extra art included. You can see the fursuit in question on her Xionica account.

This was back before I had a job, having no means to pay for this fursuit but Mew told me I could do it if I just posted commissions / adopts / etc and eventually it would pile up to equal 500$. Every payment for the commissions was sent directly to Mew through her paypal email. It was to avoid paying a double fee for paypal. She was very adamant about making sure I paid her buyer's fee for her which is against Paypal's TOS but I thought since she was my friend it was okay. Because of this, most of my payments are either small increments of 5-20$ or were sent directly via commissioners to avoid taking so much out of fees. In total, from my actual paypal, I only sent her 9$ from my own account. This is an image showing she was calculating the fees she was receiving from my payments into the total purchase: - "I'll let you know your total once I see the fees"

That's when all the shit started happening in my life. Lots of my adopts and commissions wouldn't sell, highschool graduation, college, then medical stuff and I lost my job 2-3 months after being hired so now I'm disabled. But I always kept her updated to let her know what was happening and that I was just going through a rough patch in my life. - as we were friends and I was helping her out because she needed money for bills, I thought she would understand.

But then she sent me a message on Skype, January 30th of this year - saying it had been a YEAR since I paid.. which was a flat out lie, the last payment was 7 months ago on the proof images of 107$.

She sent that to my skype probably knowing I was having skype issues because I talked about it often via statuses and I hadn't been online in forever (and MIA due to medical stuff) because I just couldn't sign on. At least 2 months of inactivity via my new skype. Plus she added my new skype from my status that told people my old skype wasn't working. She didn't bother to message me on FA or or try to get into contact with me, choosing the most convenient way for her not to get a response. About 4 days after that message, I remembered about the partial and contacted her on to let her know I was still interested. I asked if she had discord. It was obvious I didn't see her skype message at this time. Instead of telling me THERE about the fact that she wanted to resell the fursuit, she just curtly said "No, I do not." And tried to cut off all communication. She never responded to my second note where I said I would try to get skype working and that I really wanted to discuss the fursuit payment.

She read it but never responded.

So I finally got Skype working today and what do you know? I stumble upon the message. So I responded asking her to refund my 107$ payment if she was going to resell the fursuit, since I'm not getting my product. NO WHERE in our conversations was a deadline mentioned where I had to pay in full by, no downpayment agreed to.. it was just one friend slowly inching towards their goal to help another friend and to buy a fursuit.

And guess what? SHE UNFRIENDS ME ON SKYPE 30 MIN LATER, as you can see by the "messaging disabled" on the bottom of that screencap.

Perplexed, I messaged her on FA, telling her that I WILL force refund the payments or sue her over this matter. You can't just take 107$ of my money and run off with it. I also suggested that if she didn't have the money to pay, she could trade me a character I saw on her that would be worth the price (plus she was selling it anyways) and I could come to an agreement after that, because it was some form of product. She read that never responded, has been active uploading art so I'm done.

So after this TL;DR.. Mew is a scammer. She took 107$ of my money that was put down for a fursuit, and she ran off with it. She refuses to respond to me so it's clear I have to take this matter into my own hands with the public. I'm gonna post this in hopes that she'll never be able to scam anyone else out of their money again and so that maybe, just maybe she'll give me back my money or gives me something of equal value.. because I don't think this will settle well with a paypal dispute, even with the proof images from skype because all the money was sent directly from my commission / adopt buyers.
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