The Bitter End (theflamecrow) wrote in artists_beware,
The Bitter End

WHO: Miss Kitty's Custom Commissions on FB

WHERE: + their personal FB

WHAT: 2 digital pieces for $20

WHEN: Aug 21st 2015 - current

PROOF: - initial commission request - I was still admin of a FB group at this point, I guess the GFM is unrelated but IDK? - End of 2015, still no arts. - I think that’s pretty self explanitory… Hasn’t looked at my messages or replied.

EXPLAIN: I think the caps tell the story. I don’t think there’s really anything to add here. My patience has cost me money. x.x

I’m also not the only person with this problem but I’m only speaking for myself.
Tags: artist-scarykittenincorporated, beware


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