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QUESTION: Adoptable species changing owners

I know this isnt something you usually see on Artists beware but I recently stumbled upon this and I had some questions I thought the community could answer. Because this is a general question I will not be posting names, but I can for further clarification if needed. I dont want to beware anyone involved, just curious what the changes the new owner is doing verses the old one, if anything can actually be held up/enforced.

The artist had a race she made. Very cute, high sellers (imho) I have one and I got a friend of mine one as well. They also sold templates on their website allowing people to make their own for their own use and for sale. I almost got one of these myself.

The creator artist has since lost their passion for the creatures and sold off the species. I didnt even know who owned the new one until by chance someone linked me to a journal which was posted about a week ago. In it the new owner states that they are now a closed species, anyone who bought the template online to make and sell them will not be allowed to do so. Everyone must register their adoptable or it will be considered 'a fake' 'poser' 'look alike'

I have some issues with this as I bought mine as what it is because of what it is and that it is very cute. And while I didnt buy the template it strikes me as that would not be enforceable as it was purchased from the creator artist with the terms and conditions being that they can be made and sold. Unless the new owner is going to refund those people, I dont see how this can be enforced.

Adoptable have always been a bit of a slippery slope, and I am curious what other artists think. I hope this was clear enough to understand.
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