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WHO: Victoria10717 known as "FurFancyCostumes" on Furaffinity

WHERE: Links to their Furaffinity accounts

WHAT: Fursuit handpaws, feetpaws, bodysuit with tail attached (fursuit items)

WHEN: First agreed upon commission on the 16th of March 2016, it was also agreed upon that said items would be delivered to me by June 17th 2016, this is still ongoing however and they have not started the commission as I am writing this 16 February 2017, I finally worked up the courage to ask for a refund 2 months ago

PROOF: Proof can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/RAgOm
Proof is in the form of screenshots of conversations I have had with the maker

EXPLAIN: This all started after I purchased a fursuit head off the fursuit auction site "furbuy" from someone who bought it from the maker. I decided I wanted to upgrade it to a partial so I reached out to the maker as I needed it done for a specific date which I wouldn't be able to finish the parts by due to life circumstances, this was my only reason for commissioning the maker at the time so I'd have the partial to wear to an upcoming convention.
The maker agreed and assured me it would be there in time for the convention http://imgur.com/rCI396A so I went through with the commission and paid. http://imgur.com/HZDcMjl

I know artists don't like being bombarded with questions from commissioners so I gave them space and just assumed that they would work on it. Time passed and I hadn't seen any progress at all so I contacted them and they told me it was fine and will be done. I contacted them again 2 weeks before the date they assured me they'd have it completed by (as shipping from the USA to Australia takes 2 weeks) and by this point I knew they wouldn't have it done in time, which I was upset about but I let it slide.

Time continued to pass and I was getting more stressed and worried about the commission, I was constantly given sob stories for why the commission wasn't worked on (moving house, relatives dying etc.), which I gave her more time because of, however I was noticing too that she was working on commissions that were paid off after mine.

It became difficult to get into contact with the maker as they began ignoring my messages, I tried switching over to email on numerous occasions which were ignored completely, whereas with notes I would receive occasional replies.

Late September to early October I messaged her asking what was going on and she told me that she was working and making great progress and I started seeing a lot of work from her that she was doing on others commissions suits and I became confident that soon she'd do my commission as she was posting progress as well with her assuring me my suit would be worked on soon http://imgur.com/rrnAKmd so I decided to add a bodysuit to the commission as they also assured me it wouldn't slow my commission but be done with it.

Time continued to pass and more and more I noticed other commissions being done over mine and when I tried contacting the maker I was ignored. Eventually I decided I was putting too much time into this and it was making me too stressed so I wanted to put an end to it and as they had breached the agreement many times I believed I was entitled to a full refund and all they responded with was to follow their "trello" http://imgur.com/oT70pkB to try and get me to no longer ask for a refund. On other occasions I had told them they hadn't made a slot for me on trello which they ignored so even looking at that list, I had no idea where I was on it or if my commission was even being considered in her queue

Then the maker proceeded to provide excuses and reasons as to why they couldn't or hadn't worked on the commission http://imgur.com/AZ7StD9 then claiming that I hadn't paid it off before others she had placed ahead of me, this continued for a little longer with conversation difficult as they continued to ignore my messages

http://imgur.com/OhKbuo8 Finally I was able to get them to agree to send a refund and at this point I was so over it I didn't care about the 35% anymore, so I waited. I hadn't heard anything in over a month later after them claiming they'd send the refund that never came. So I proceeded with the Paypal claim, in order to actually receive a refund. I called PayPal customer service and explained the situation to someone there who told me that I was entitled to a full refund as they hadn't made a proper effort to work on the commission, regardless of what their TOS stated they had broken the agreement.

That's when they finally replied however I still am yet to receive a refund from them as they claim they "don't have the money to refund".
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Cy Mendoza
Feb. 16th, 2017 09:55 pm (UTC)
I have experience commissioning this artist three times - two times were for partials, and the third time is for parts (for lack of better explanation, no head involved).

Victoria is one of those makers (and there are many) that, for better or for worse, just seem to take a long time on their commissions, though has a good track record of *eventually* completing them (if not timely). I'm finding this is more par for the course in the furry fandom the longer I'm in it, and the more makers I commission. One maker's list I'm in has about a 2-3 year wait. I think it's a poor choice to continue piling work onto a long queue, and many makers fall into that trap as they struggle to pay bills, so I'm glad to see Victoria has decided not to open her commissions until the queue is finished.

She is a fairly hard worker, as evidenced by her completing 2/3 of my commissions in the last year, but I think she did fall into that trap of taking on more than can be reasonably completed by a deadline. She, and many other makers I'm in list with, seems to be realizing that agreeing to deadlines leads to a lot of strife at the end that inevitably should have been avoided by declining a deadline (or even an approximation) and simply providing the customer with their place in line. It's not the best solution, as the best solution is giving the customer a solid answer as to when they can expect their product so they can decide whether the transaction is right for them, but it's better than estimated deadlines that continually get missed. A little honesty and communication goes a long way, even if it's "my commissions take a while, please be willing to accept that before sending money."

As you had a firm deadline that was accepted and ultimately missed, I can understand where you're coming from. It may very well be that your commission is no longer valuable to you because it didn't make it to you in time for the convention. That would have been the case with one of my commissions (unrelated to this), hence why when negotiating the price and terms I included a stipulation that failure to deliver the commission on time for the convention would result in a full refund request. Full, upfront understanding of party terms is always good. I think if you still enjoyed her work despite the missed deadline, you could have waited it out until your turn came along and you would have still gotten a product you enjoyed. That's something only you can decide though, and if the potential wait wasn't worth it, then the refund request is understandable.

tl;dr: Potential customers don't have to worry about her scamming them, but they should be well aware they're in for a very long wait time.


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