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Curious About Mannerisms / Various Things

From a Commissioner Point of view really, if possible? I've been in the commissioning business for 9 - 10 years (Or even longer, to be honest.) but was just wondering people here had any tips or such about approaching artists? And I also had some questions as well, sorry if I am all over the shop as I just finished a 12 hour night shift.

1) If an artist disappears from DA or such and basically never returns yet you did get gift art and commissions from them and for them before they vanished, there is no problem with reposting, yes?
2) How long would you give new commissioners? (Now I have a commissioned artist who I am doing and have done business with for the past four years and we have been in constant communication and keeping updated and paying for such but in term,s of new people, how long would you usually give?)
3) I usually give tips when commissioning people but nowadays, most artists just give me a flat rate (Or an invoice via Paypal) without tipping? Is tipping now not considered a done thing? Or do artists not include tips?
4) Patreon: Now this is a newish thing that came along in the last few years but a commissioner is only doing business via there. Is that basically the same deal though?

Sorry if I am a bit stupid, working a long night shfit kind of warps my thinking...XD
Tags: advice for commissioners
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