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Update on 0cean/Loreisle: New Account found

New account: Rattalons
Unread note
Proof of being the same person: 1 2

So on the 20th of this month I had not heard anything back from her and neither DA or two FA accounts had been active for just over two weeks so I didn't decided to message her on FA. Shortly after sending said note I decided to try searching for her else where and by search I mean go through the first two google pages. To my surprise she wasn't hard to find at all. But I did find her under a different name of DA though. The link to the same stream page on both the 0cean FA account and the new Rattalons DA account confirm it to be her. After going through the account I discovered she had been active there for the whole while her other accounts were dead. In fact she was online an hour before I found said account. I've seen she has done an art trade and a free sketch stream as well as personal art.

I wanted to wait a while and see it she would respond to my note of FA just to be nice and give her a chance. Well the note still has not been read and the old accounts have not been active in almost 4 weeks now. I may try messaging her new account, but at this point I feel like this may have been an attempt to run and may happened if I confront her about it again. So yeah...guess those last three pictures are never going to be done.

Edit 12/29/16: So I need to clear up a lot because apparently there was a huge misunderstand of what was happening. So firstly no this wasn't her trying to run off or anything. She had just migrated to DA more it seems. Although an update on her FA page would have helped, but that's all I can really fault her on. I recent the third piece of art today and was told the last two are all most finished and should get to me today or tomorrow.

I feel as though I jumped the gun when posting the original beware about her. I've been scammed before by an artist who did the similar things as this and I guess I only got paranoid that it would happened again. 0cean is a nice artist and since I can't delete my beware here I'll seems have to update it and let everyone know that I was wrong about the whole situation.

Update 1/21/17: Well I guess I should update this because I've been forgetting to for a while. I'm not up to 4 of the 5 pictures promised. That's good, but it seems the artist is back to doing adopts, ych, and personal art. Haven't heard anything from her since Dec. 31. Honestly at this point I'm just thinking fuck it, I got 4 of 5. If the last one isn't done by the end of this month I'll decide to ask for an update or just tell her to forget about it and move on. All in all really disappoint in the artist. I know they've had personal life problems and such, but I just never thought I'd be waiting over a year. Granted had I not received the sketchbook itself I would have just file a paypal claim and moved on. Lesson learnt.
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