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Artist Beware: 0cean/Loreisle

WHO: 0cean/Loreisle


WHAT: 5 colored digital pictures.

WHEN: Aug. 17th

PROOF: Proof of payment.
Proof of agreement to her terms.

EXPLAIN: So originally I bought a sketchbook commission slot from the artist for $100 back in October of 2015. After paying for the sketchbook I had given her a list of my characters I wanted in the book and choosing a book we both like I made sure to keep a somewhat constant communication with her. Eventually the artist went through a huge rough patch that including moving and a few more personal things. This delayed my commission severely, but I was more that understanding. I did check in with her every so often and was kept up to date. (1, 2, 3, and 4.)

Eventually I did receive my sketchbook, but since it wasn’t everything promised in the original agreement that artist offered me 5 digital color pictures and I accepted. I gave my first four back in August of this year and later gave the fifth a little while later. Since giving my ideas I’ve kept in contact and check the status once in a while. (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.)

For the last few months the artist has been doing multiple ych’s and getting them done in a few weeks. One of which I myself bought and had before any of the five pictures. (12) I try to be patience and not rush artists when I commission them, but it just upsets me to see others get their art a few days later where as I’ve been waiting months.

Honestly a beware on this artist is really the last thing I wanted to do. She was one of the first I ever commissioned and has always been pleasant to work with whenever I do. Not even sure if this will even count as a beware. As of now I have one out of the five and have been told the others have been sketched out. (13 and 14)

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UPDATE 12/2/2016: Artist has uploaded second picture of the list.

UPDATE 12/28/2016: Okay so I doubt anyone will see this update. I submitted an update post to the mods and am waiting for approval, but in the meantime I have something new that came after I submitted said update. I finally managed to a reply from 0cean and this is what I get.

Firstly I want to say this may just be me, but the whole note came off as entirely rude. I also want add that this reply came after I had to track her down on a DA account she did have listed anywhere. She did even respond to the pm there, but to one I sent a week ago on FA. So after not hearing anything for almost a month I get a rude note.

If that isn't bad enough I found she was very active on this new account doing free art stream, adopts, art trades, and personal art. Funny thing is that nowhere on any of her account do it mention lost programs in fact her accounts haven't been active in almost 4 weeks. Clearly if she was active there she could have done some kind of update. I get everyone has a life, but clearly she had the means of updating people.
Edit: So little edit to my last update. I go to her DA to find this journal. So yeah wow, she claims I'm stressing her out and trying to rush free art. So to clear a few things up it's not free art. As this beware stated I paid for a sketchbook commission that was supposed to include so color sketches which were none, so she offered the five drawing as replacements. Just that, so yes technically I did pay for them.

Second maybe her definition on rushing and mind are different. Since I accepted her offer back in August I'm messaged her once a month excluding Nov. about updates. I guess it could count as two for this month since she did respond to my FA note so I messaged her on DA. Even so that 4 times in the span of about 4 and a half months. Not what I would call rushing. I understand art can take time and I'm very patience. When I note her I only ask for updates on where she is, simple as that. At this point I'm tempted to say fuck it and write this one off as a lost. Definitely don't recommend her and I can imagine I'm blacklisted from commissioning her.

In response to my last edit about the Journal it seems it wasn't about me. She just happened to have posted it about people from an art stream shortly after I asked for and update. Huge mistake on my part there.
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