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Paypal Chargeback Question

I've tried to research this question, but I'm having a hard time finding any straight forward answers.

I had a chargeback on one of my invoices yesterday. The invoice is back from Oct 9th, and the item was delivered to the customer Oct 13.

I responded to the dispute with all our correspondences and the proof of delivery, and the image itself. However, they refunded the client's money anyhow. I promptly got a hold of the client and they informed me that their paypal had been hacked, and a lot of fraudulent charges were being made with their paypal, so they had to close their paypal account and visit their bank to file a claim.

They replied to a couple of messages I sent them on FA, and seemed apologetic, but when I asked for an estimated time I could expect the money back, they stopped responding.

Another thing I'm not sure about is the fact that had paid two invoices with me just a couple days apart, and only one of the invoices was disputed.

I'm not sure how all this works, or how I should go about this. Really, I'm thinking I should just let it go, especially if she just had an unfortunate incident occur like this. I can definitely imagine she has a lot on her plate as it stands, without me adding to it.

But any insight would be nice!

Thanks guys.

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Nov. 27th, 2016 08:57 pm (UTC)
Usually when someone files a chargeback via the bank the immediate, and most important thing to do is to call Paypal. If you just use their automated system, then you are very likely to lose your money.

How this works is that your client now has their money back. Once it clears their bank, there should be nothing stopping them from sending the funds back. If they actually were "hacked" and these aren't fraudulent chargebacks, then this shouldn't be an issue.
Nov. 27th, 2016 09:05 pm (UTC)
This. If it's a legitimate unfortunate incident, they won't just ignore you and will make it right.

I would give them about a week to respond, poke them one more time, and if they continue to ignore you after that I would assume they are being dishonest and call paypal. If the item was digital however there is a fair chance you won't be able to get that money back through them, unfortunately.

You can, however, make a beware here if the customer refuses to make things right.
Nov. 28th, 2016 01:18 am (UTC)
I'll definitely give them time! I really don't doubt the credibility of their response to me. Though I wasn't sure how chargebacks actually work, so it's comforting to get some insight into it. Especially for the future, since these things can happen.

I don't want to have to go through the whole beware business, so I'm hoping it all works out for the best.

I'm sure they're overwhelmed right now, and that is probably why they stopped responding. I'll just be happy if effort is made at all over the next few weeks.

Thank you for the response!
Nov. 28th, 2016 01:14 am (UTC)
I guess that explains why I lost the money. I didn't call. I just responded to the dispute via their system.

But I will definitely keep that in mind for the future, just in case something like this occurs again. Though, of course, I hope not! Thank you for the advice.


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