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Artists Beware: Wolfenbro aka Rein Ranulfo

WHO: WolfenBro on Furaffinity, who is also BigbyxWolf (Rein Ranulfo) on Twitter. Here are other sites he is on.

NOTE: All sites listed below contain NSFW content

WHERE: First contacted him on Furaffinity via note. He also had the commission information up on but it has since been taken down. His new one is (nsfw)

WHAT: A two character commission with full background. Digital art. Description is in the screen capture of the long thread.

First contacted him in July, 2015.
Sent payment July 10th, 2015
Asked for progress update March, 2015
Asked for refund July, 2016
Was paid back $40 on July 12th, 2016
Was paid back $31 on August 7th, 2016
Last correspondence that he replied to was on September 26th, 2016
Sent another note through Furaffinity on November 6th, 2016 and it does not show that it's been read.

Here is the main thread.
Paypal transactions:
Asking for an update:
Trying to sort out refund:
Reminding him that he still owes me:
Another reminder:

EXPLAIN: Artist posted an "emergency commissions" journal so I sent him a note asking for one. After money was exchanged I didn't hear from him for a few months, so I sent him a note on FA asking what the progress was. He said he'd get to his commissions over spring break. Mine was never completed. I waited a year and then asked for a refund. He was apologetic and refunded a partial amount of $40, then $31 the next month. He still owes me $27 and is not responding to my notes.

I feel I've been extremely patient through all of this. I've had enough. Dealing with someone like this is infuriating.
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