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Lost Contact Draconemignis of FA

EDIT: after a year of waiting and no contact do you think its appropriate to create a beware on this artist as well?

Original Post:

This is a lost contact of Dragondoodles or Draconemignis of Furaffinity. I commissioned them back in 2015 at BLFC (biggest little fur con) for a badge, and have been promised multiple times of its completion, and have apparently been dropped out of contact.

They have deactivated FA, and the email provided for contact bounces now so I'm assuming thats been disabled. Did they do a name change? Does ANYONE have contact as this was a 40 dollar badge and Id love to fund another honest artist with that money rather than just be out the cash. I've asked for refunds over email, notes on FA (pre-disable), and shouts. Have yet to be contacted and since it was an in person cash transaction (I have a physical receipt however) I cant file a dispute.

Any suggestions? help please...

Update 11/23/2016: I reached out to the "Dragondoodles" Facebook page via facebook chat not expecting anything since the page seems abandoned. However; the message has been seen. No response though. Ive sent the message below:


And noticed they were not responding. So I left this as a message, hopefully they get in contact with me. Blocked out my email since its not needed here in this forum.

"I see this message has been seen, if you could email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com again id like to discuss my refund for my badge please."

Edit to update 11/23/2016: My second message has been seen on facebook but not responded to. I have left them a message stating they have 24 hours from a specific time to respond or a full beware will be posted.

Feeling like I wont be seeing my art or my money, but I'd like to just warn others of this potential scam.
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