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Advice Needed: Resolution for Commissions

I cant find anybody who would give me an answer on this.. But what resolution of images seem best to give a commissioner?

I have a laptop that I work off of, and I understand that the resolution of my screen tends to make everything way bigger, even most websites dont fit properly on my screen.. Its not bad its just a slight difference.. Anyhow, I tend to draw on my screen at the same size I would if it were paper. Where I can see most every detail when fully zoomed out/original size. I noticed that other artists tend to draw like... two or three times the size that I do but I always felt that was a personal prefrence thing.. Until recently.

I  have heard a few concerns that my art tends to be on the small size, and I dont want to give my customers any less than they deserve. So what resolutions would be best for commissions? Flat colored commissions? Fully colored and detailed commissions? Whats the average expectation?

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Nov. 22nd, 2016 05:40 am (UTC)
It depends on the image. I mean, for this one, you needed the full width, and to be honest it might have been easier to draw the smaller character here with a few more pixels to play with. But for this, you know, maybe that's an ideal size.

If you're not doing a lot of super-detailed/realistic work with fine details (this one stands out as an exception), so it's not as big of an issue. But some images, by some artists, definitely benefit from a 2K or higher resolution - and I think you'll probably end up doing more work which can benefit from it over time.

It has to actually work with your hardware and the work you want to offer. And it may not be worth promising big images if it takes you twice as long - you might as well just give a slight price break and do two images in the same time.

The vast majority (~95%) of screens used by visitors to furry art sites are still 1920x1020 or smaller, although working with larger images can still be of use because they effectively gain fine detail when scaled down to fit. Here's a top-25 list from Inkbunny by popularity:

1920x1080 22.2%
1366x768 15.7%
360x640 12.3%
1600x900 5.3%
1536x864 3.2%
1440x900 3.1%
768x1024 2.5%
320x568 2.4%
1680x1050 2.4%
375x667 2.4%
1280x800 2.4%
1280x1024 1.9%
1280x720 1.7%
1360x768 1.7%
640x360 1.6%
1024x768 1.4%
412x732 1%
1920x1200 1%
2560x1440 0.9%
320x570 0.8%
320x534 0.8%
414x736 0.7%
320x480 0.6%
1024x600 0.5%
600x1024 0.3%


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