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Advice Needed: Resolution for Commissions

I cant find anybody who would give me an answer on this.. But what resolution of images seem best to give a commissioner?

I have a laptop that I work off of, and I understand that the resolution of my screen tends to make everything way bigger, even most websites dont fit properly on my screen.. Its not bad its just a slight difference.. Anyhow, I tend to draw on my screen at the same size I would if it were paper. Where I can see most every detail when fully zoomed out/original size. I noticed that other artists tend to draw like... two or three times the size that I do but I always felt that was a personal prefrence thing.. Until recently.

I  have heard a few concerns that my art tends to be on the small size, and I dont want to give my customers any less than they deserve. So what resolutions would be best for commissions? Flat colored commissions? Fully colored and detailed commissions? Whats the average expectation?

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Fralea Comms
Nov. 18th, 2016 10:48 pm (UTC)
If 800x1000 is comfortable for you, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. You should probably clarify it somewhere in your commission info or TOS the average size you work at though, so this sort of thing doesn't happen after you already finish the work.

Personally I work at ~3000px one side at 300ppi. I have it in my TOS (as well as the highest my computer can handle) and it usually doesn't come up, but occasionally a client will want a higher resolution, so I charge extra. You could do something similar.

For sketches I usually don't work that big, but in the reasons I do work at that size are that its easier for me to shade and draw finer details, and I uses brushes with a texture in them that look best on a bigger canvas. I don't normally work in lineart, but when I do, a larger canvas means I don't have to be as exacting or worry about pixelization. I rarely actually paint at 100% zoom, I do most of the painting zoomed out. However not everyone's technique or what their computer can handle is the same.


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