atung59 (atung59) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact: Greycat Rademenes

Greycat is an artist that has not been in contact with me for a very long time.

I first contacted him through his DeviantArt page at:

I tried contacting him again through his G-mail, through DeviantArt, through FurAffinity, and even through Tumblr, but he hasn't been in touch with me. He even took the time to respond to someone else on his DA page a few days ago, but didn't respond to me.

I did receive one part of my commission through his Google Drive, but it would be really helpful if he sent me the links to my other pic which may be on his Google Drive. Both pics I commissioned are NSFW pics.

I just sent him an email through his old e-mail address from Yahoo. I just hope he responds to that one.

If anyone here has any other method of contacting him, any help would be appreciated.
Tags: lost contact

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