Wyla (wyla) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: BigRottieDawg

WHO: BigRottieDawg

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bigrottiedawg

WHAT: Custom 3D model head - trade

WHEN: May 2015

PROOF: Initial contact.
Discussing details one, and two.

EXPLAIN: I received a note from BigRottieDawg shortly after watching him on FA expressing interest in working with me; I'd been on the lookout for a custom 3D head so jumped at the chance! We eventually decided on a trade and I offered a two-character piece for my half which was agreed to. He was able to show me a few progress shots in a very short amount of time which looked great and put us off to a promising start!

My half was completed a couple of days later on May 28th (can be seen here but is NSFW.)

Contact dropped off after that a little and the next update I have record of was in October 2015. (His link to the screenshot of the model was sent in a second note.) At this point the model looked almost finished apart from textures. I am generally happy to wait as long as needed providing contact is good but things dropped off again until August 5th 2016 (he sent me an update while I was out of town but it looked great!) He promised to send me a colour preview the next day but nothing was ever sent.

I sent him a note on September 18th 2016 asking if we could set a final date for delivery to which he offered October 1st, which I agreed to. We're now in November and I haven't heard anything since that date.

Honestly at this point I'm just frustrated; his half of the deal has been mostly finished for the best part of a year from what I can tell but he just isn't delivering. He has opened for commissions since our trade beginning and has delivered most of them, but I think a few customers are still waiting also. :/

EDIT: Received a note from BigRottieDawg the day after this was posted and received the 3D model via email on November 19th so am now marking this as resolved. :)
Tags: artist-bigrottiedawg, resolved

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