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Artist Beware: Figgetywinks

WHO: Figgetywinks

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/figgetywinks/ (may contain NSFW, I'm not sure. I no longer use my account.)

WHAT: An adoptable of theirs called "Tilkibli", an unfinished one was purchased for the amount of $25. Adoptable was never finished and delivered.

WHEN: Adoptable was originally posted on November 30th 2015 (Gemini, seen here). I expressed interest in it, and he agreed to finish it for me if I purchased it. Before I could decide, a couple of friends purchased it for me. The adoptable was posted on November 30th and payment was sent and received on December 1st 2015.

From there, I privately messaged him (starting on December 1st). I let him know what I would like done with the adoptable. He responded promptly. I later contacted him on February 20th 2016 after having not heard from him. He responded saying that he would have the lineart (but not a finished design, as agreed upon) to me by the next day. On June 9th 2016 I contacted him again, again after having not heard from him since the above stated day. I requested that a refund be sent to the couple who bought the adoptable for me. I have not heard back. I again requested a refund on October 22nd 2016. I have included every PM correspondence between us here.

PROOF: Reposting of all relevant screencaps in this article included below:
Original posting of the adoptable
Offer to finish it once paid for
Exchange where the couple bought the adoptable for me
PM exchanges between Figgetywinks and I
Other Tilkibli he has created and sold between the original purchase and now
- May not be a comprehensive list of sold items, just ones that were public and easily accessible as of today, October 29th 2016. I know that there are other people waiting on things from this artist as well and I hope they will come forward and post in the comments of this article.

EXPLAIN: There's not a lot left to say that hasn't already been said. Some friends bought an unfinished adoptable for me as a Christmas gift last year, we're almost to the holiday season this year and I have not received the finished product. I requested that they be refunded on June 9th 2016 and again on October 22nd 2016 and have not heard back either time. I am no longer in contact with the people who bought this adoptable for me so I can not check to see if the refund has been issued through them.

As stated above, between the time the adoptable was bought, several other Tilkibli have been created and sold, not to mention other things as well, based on a quick look at the artist's galleries. Communication has been extremely poor, ranging from responding only when asked for updates to the point of receiving no reply at all to my refund requests.

My ideal resolution to this would be confirmation that a refund has been issued and processed.
Tags: artist-figgetywinks, beware
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