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Community Tablet Discussion

Hello! This is a post we've decided to make to help people who are shopping around for digital art tablets. Much of this will rely on user input, along with our own personal recommendations.

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Nov. 11th, 2016 07:05 am (UTC)
**It's probably worth noting that almost all of my professional work is done using a mouse in vector programs, so people with the goal to purchase a tablet for professional work and commissions may find my comment less helpful than comments by others who do use their tablets for professional grade work**

Tablets I have used:

Bamboo Fun - this I had a very long time ago, I don't think they even sell the exact Fun model that I used any more. It worked well enough, eventually the wire just came loose so I needed to replace it. It did always feel kind of 'cheap' and flimsy in terms of the plastic but it always worked alright. I will say that back then, this was an expensive choice for the quality of tablet, I believe the price of Wacom's Bamboo line has dropped since then to make it more affordable.

Monoprice - this is the tablet I've had for the past seven? years. It's held up extremely well for how long I've had it, is very large and sturdy and professional-feeling, especially for the price. I can't quite figure out how to change the settings for the quick-select buttons, but I was not particularly inclined to use them anyway. I WILL SAY that this might not be such a good option if you struggle with 'off-roading' with software etc. I have to carefully google what drivers to download for my monoprice whenever I get a new computer. Whereas with something like a Wacom you can just go to their website and search for your product and get the most up-to-date drivers very easily.

I used both these tablets with Photoshop Elements and Paint Tool Sai; I've also used the Monoprice tablet with Inkscape, although I don't do it very often and I do have some trouble with pen sensitivity etc. but I think that's on Inkscape not on the tablet. Always used them on Windows OS - I do have a split Windows/Linux operating system but I have never tried them on the Linux OS. I believe the Bamboo Fun I used on mostly Dell computers? Since I got the Monoprice I've had two Lenovo laptops and am now using an Acer, it seems to work just as well on either one.
Nov. 11th, 2016 11:59 am (UTC)
I'd like to leave a recommendation for the Surface Pro series of tablet laptops. I've owned the SP2 and the SP4 and both have been delights to work with. I primarily use Photoshop with it, but have also used Manga Studio with no trouble.

You can draw directly on the screen and honestly it didn't take me long to adapt from being a traditional-only artist to full-on digital. I was never able to get the hand-eye coordination going with more traditional tablets, but this one just made everything so much easier. The SP4 pen is pretty good, and you can buy pen tip sets for $10 that come with different tips to try, some glide more some give more friction/resistance to mimic the feel of a pen on paper. The SP2 uses Wacom technology and I chose to upgrade my pen to the Bamboo Feel pen, which was really comfortable to use.

Since it's also a laptop I find it nice for traveling and easy for looking up references while at conventions. Really love mine.
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Nov. 19th, 2016 01:35 am (UTC)
I've tried lots of different cheap tablets before finally settling on Wacom products and sticking with them.

A couple of the cheap ones I would recommend staying very far away from are Vistablet and Huion. Both of those typically lasted between 3-4 months before dying with no way to fix them. And the pens for both required batteries, but that may just be a personal peeve.
Dec. 5th, 2016 11:49 am (UTC)
I cannot stress this enough but I will advice everyone to save up money on an cintiq, I bought a 13HD one at a convention for 600 euro over a year ago and I swear I used it almost everyday, I use it for graphic arts for work and I use it for commissions and I use it personally. I am in love with it. You can get a second hand one, nowadays for just 400 bucks/euros, dont worry about scratches because the screen is protected. The only letdown is that You have to plug it into a computer or laptop you cant really use it on the go, as it needs its own plug in as well. There are portbale cintiq's but good God those prices , dont look them up you cry, The cheaper version of that is the Cintiq Hybrid, but that only has a on-the-go andriod program that no longer updates so you cant even download the newest Adobe or paint apps. Maybe in the future for now I asked for Christmas from my parents a cheap tablet with a stylus pen, does anyone have any suggestions? I just like the idea of sketching/drawing on the go.
Dec. 23rd, 2016 10:07 pm (UTC)
After buying a Cintiq 22HD earlier this month I have to absolutely agree with you. If you can, just buy the cintiq. My experience with drivers, comfort, and reliability in this machine is completely worth the price tag. If anything I immensely regret wasting money on the Yiynova.
Dec. 23rd, 2016 10:02 pm (UTC)
I haven't had my Huion long enough to really say much about it, but I can make a simple suggestion - they're probably not the company for you if you use a multiple monitor setup, as it seems pretty much impossible to get them to use a single monitor, despite it being an option.

Just my two cents. I'm a cheap bastard, but other than that and the need to charge the tablet pen, my Huion has been pretty nice.
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