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Bobby P.

Beware: Lyenuv / OutlandishStudios

WHO: Lyenuv, aka OutlandishStudios ( )

WHERE: Indyfurcon 2016 (August 26-28, 2016)

WHAT: Two-character traditional piece. Artist was advertising $25 pencil sketches. I asked what she would charge for a two-character piece, and she agreed to $25 + $12 = $37. I paid in cash.

WHEN: August 2016-ongoing

PROOF: Screenshots of my text messages with her:

EXPLAIN: I saw her in the artist's alley on Saturday and paid her $37 in cash for a two-character pencil sketch, and she asked me to text her references to the characters I wanted drawn, which I did. Later that day, I walked by just as the artist's alley was closing to see if she had even started yet. I also texted her again to let her know that I had misread my train ticket, and would actually be leaving the con a day early, so I would not be able to pick up the pic in person.

I also contacted her at a panel she held later in the day, and she assured me that she would get the pic done by the end of the con and get it out to me.

I texted her again on September 1 and asked for a progress report. She told me she was out of state and didn't have her art supplies with her, but would agree to do it digitally instead. I told her that was fine, and gave her my e-mail so she could send me the finished product.

I texted her yet again on October 13, and have yet to get a response.

Her FA and Tumblr have not been touched in over a year either.

Normally I would not consider two months a particularly long wait, but shouts on her FA page show that she has a history of ripping people off. Between this and the difficulty in contacting her, I'm pretty sure this is the best move for now.
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