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Artist Beware - Yuristorm

WHO: Buttbear/Yuristorm


WHAT: Purchase of an character by Yuristorm, with the addition of edits to the design. (The artist allowed the customer to pay extra for edits to be done)

WHEN: November 25, 2013

PROOF: Contains everything related to this, but I will be linking to some of them in the explanation post.

Yuristorm (at the time of purchase, known as Buttbear) hosted a journal selling and trading a variety of character designs. I took interest in a centaur and bird gijinka and discussed payment with the artist, along with asking if edits could be done to the centaur to better suit my tastes. ( Payment was sent and the edits were agreed to, with Yuristorm promising to start on the centaur soon.

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A month passed and I bumped the note ( and Yuristorm eventually replied several months later in March. I let the ball slip here and replied a few weeks later in May, letting the artist know I understood they were going through a busy and difficult time and I did not mind waiting. ( Yuristorm eventually replied again and again, I took far too long to reply, in February 2015 ( ). In 2014, I was an inexperienced commissioning customer that did not realize it was not only the duty of the artist to keep in contact, but the customer as well. It goes both ways I know now. As well, Yuristorm was experiencing health issues that occupied their time in 2014 if I recall correctly (I do not have screenshots of this unfortunately and I apologize, however I do believe there was a journal posted on the matter at the time) and as such, it furthered my disinterest in contacting the artist too often as I wanted to give them space. As such, communication in 2014 was sparse, due to various factors on both our ends.

In 2015 however, at that point it had been a year and more and I saw that I needed to get more "involved" than I had been previously. I was interested in resolving long-standing commissions. I began to bump more frequently, seeing signs of Yuristorm being active on DA, the intervals of the bump still fairly long but better than before timewise. Here is one sent later on in the first week of June. ( ) Here is another bump in the last week of June. Yuristorm replied, apologizing for the delay in replies and artwork, and claiming that they would be done in the next few months. ( However there was no reply to the note I sent back. I bumped my note up a month later, in the first week of September. ( A couple of weeks later I bumped it up again as I noticed Yuristorm showing activity on DA. ( Yuristorm responded in November ( , promising to finish the edits soon and apologizing for the wait and trouble.

However, no sign of wip or communication appeared from their end and nearly three months later, at the end of January 2016, I sent the artist this note: Yuristorm replied about five weeks later, in March ( , apologizing and thanking me as usual for my patience, and promising again that it would be done soon. A refund was also offered, which is appreciated, but what I wanted was the character.

A couple of months passed with no further word however and at this point in May, I tried something new: Twitter. I realized that Yuristorm had been highly active on Twitter this entire time, and so I decided to contact them there. ( ) Yuristorm responded and replied to the DA note I had sent alongside the tweets. ( ) ( We had correspondence, with agreement to use Twitter for ease of access in communication. A deadline of a month was unsteadily agreed and I was given an explanation as to the length of the wait, with me agreeing to allow the centaur to be done in the artist's new style as it was easier on their hands and still as beautiful as the old one.

Promising progress was shown, when bumping the artist on Twitter two weeks later, I received a wip and communication of further ideas and details to the centaur. ( ( A week later, Yuristorm sent along another update on the centaur.( After discussion, we agreed the centaur looked good and ready for the final version.

Several weeks passed by, the deadline I set having been broken by nearly two weeks. ( Another month went by with no further word or update, so I tweeted to the artist again:( ( The artist again claimed they would be done with the design soon, within a few days even. Two weeks later I tweeted to the artist again, and it appeared a note that had been sent to me earlier in the week did not make it through ( Yuristorm promised to send another one when they were free that day. However I had to poke again on Twitter the next day: It appeared the message had been lost again. However, this time I received the note, which contained a new wip, a sketch of the final centaur design, and with my approval, the artist promised to again finish it soon. (

Two weeks went by and I tweeted to Yuristorm in the last weekend of August, (, the artist claiming that the artwork would be done that weekend. However, September arrived, and two weeks later, I tweeted to Yuristorm again, this time asking for visual proof of work being done. ( The artist did not give me the lines and claimed to be done the next day, while not responding to my inquiries concerning the oft-mentioned extras. Yuristorm later explained they had missed those particular tweets. After two days had passed by, my frustration had reached its point unfortunately in what appeared to be a long road of being kept waiting and I sent the artist these tweets:

The artist replied to these texts and sent me this note: The lineart that I had asked to see was actually shown here and I gave my approval for everything to be completed. The next day, finally, the centaur was delivered. The extras turned out to be the polished, more highly-refined nature of the design along with the two reference busts. This was acceptable.

In Summary:
-In November 2013, I discussed with Yuristorm the purchase of a centaur with additional edits to its design.
-Communication was sparse in 2014 due to my respecting Yuristorm's health problems and letting the ball slip on my end concerning dutiful communication with the artist. In the time since then, I have become a more experienced commissioner and hope to do my best in being an excellent customer.
-Communication picked up in 2015, with me often having to bump a note every few months to get a reply from Yuristorm, often around the time when the artist grew active on DA again.
-Deadlines were broken what felt like many times:
+ August 2015 - Claimed that the art would be finished by summer's end, and thus the next few months.
+ November 2015 - Technically speaking this was not a true "claim," the artist only said it would be done soon, but since it took all the way to September 2016 for it to be done, I feel it is perhaps worth mentioning.
+ May 2016 - I attempted to set a rough deadline of one month beginning May 14th. It was not kept.
+ June 2016 - Again, claiming to get the art done "soon," while posting a good deal of other art, concerning some commissions and gifts, on Twitter.
+ July 2016 - Claimed at the end of July to be done within the next few days.
+ August 2016 - Claimed at the end of August to be done within the weekend.
-Artist claimed multiple times to be done soon and would put up deadlines that would get pushed back.
-Communication was inconsistent and poor. I will readily admit in 2014 I could have performed better but in 2015 and 2016 I did my best to keep in constant communication with what felt like poor response from the artist's end.
-While I appreciate that the extras promised after this long span of time turned out to be a "beefed" up design and two reference busts, turning a beautiful design even more gorgeous, I am unhappy with the lack of communication on what the extras would be. This is a small matter overall of course, however with the additional troubles experienced when communicating with this artist, it adds up, and hence why I felt it may need to be pointed out as further evidence.
-I understand the artist suffers from hand and health issues and I feel I have been patient concerning the matter, to the excess of nearly three years. However, they have been rather active with art and frequently post monthly art dumps onto DA. It is true that the art drawn is often sketchy and rough, but when there is such a large, monthly quantity of it while wondering where one's art is and seemingly having to tweet every time to get some sort of does not shed positive light on the artist.

I would like to stress that Yuristorm as a person appears to be sweet and nice. In the notes and tweets, the artist is friendly. However, the business side is lacking. There was a long length of time spent waiting for the design, along with what appeared to be poor work ethic (the broken deadlines and claims as an example) and communication. As such, while the matter is finally resolved at last, I am posting this beware to inform people of the artist's behavior with work and timeliness. Essentially, the issue is with the customer service and length of time spent on the matter.

Thank you for your time, everyone.
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