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Artist Beware - Linkaton-Furaito


WHAT: Tiered adopt auction with additional pieces at $50 + $100

WHEN: August 24, 2013 to present.

PROOF: All proof contained in here. Will link to each in explanation as well.

EXPLAIN: On August 24, 2013 Linka posted an auction for their kiso'jokai. [nsfw - sheaths]

I'd been wanting one for a bit, and decided to auto-buy the one I was most interested in to ensure I got it and the additional tiered pieces. That transaction is here: I knew they had a queue and were busy, so I was content to wait a reasonable length of time for the art. The original piece was sent a few days late, but they'd been distracted and I was spacy about responding right off myself. I clarified that the AB price would include the tiered pieces. You can see that note here:

They had a lot happen IRL, including a death, so I didn't contact them for quite some time - it was January of 2015 before I sent them a note, and that was due to them wanting notes sent regarding owed pieces. I was a couple months late sending it due to some RL troubles of my own - moving and health - but figured better late than never. I still wanted these pieces, after all. That note is here: I never received a response.

Now, here I dropped the ball a bit. They were going through a lot of things IRL and I didn't want to add onto that, so I didn't bother them again. I also moved accounts to deviouslyfiendish as I was trying to figure out a name that suited me more. When an A_B was posted on them, I commented on it with my own issues and shortly thereafter received this note and one of the pieces - you can see our discussion here: and the piece in question here: I was quite pleased with the piece and was hoping that the other piece would follow soon after.

When I didn't see it for a while, I'd intended to note them, but they were going through a breakup and relocating partway across the country so I decided to wait til they were mostly settled from that. I contacted them in May of this year, which you can see here: They actually forgot they owed me a second piece and I had to remind them. That left me less than impressed since it'd been well over 2 years at that point. I was also rather unhappy with the 'I'll let you know when I get to it' response, but figured a response was better than nothing and hopefully I'd get it soon.

Right around the 3 year mark, I got extremely ill and have been diagnosed with some nasty auto-immune things that are lifelong, as well as some concerning high blood pressure readings that aren't going down. Due to this, I was told to eliminate as much stress in my life as possible. These old owed pieces are extremely stressful to me so I spoke with my fiance about managing them from now on, and let Linka know in this note: I also let them know how soon I wanted my piece be completed since it has been a ridiculous amount of time.

This is the note chain back and forth between them: starting a little over a week after my note in August. This is the sketch pose referenced in the note: We'd heard nothing further so she sent another note: And then this one following up again when she didn't get a response: We have not gotten a response as of that, and it's now Halloween, which was the absolute last day I wanted to get this piece done by.

It's been over three years. I just want the art. I enjoy their style but I feel this has gone on more than long enough and is getting into ludicrous territory now for the length of time I've waited.

Edit: As of 11/3/16 I have gotten the piece. My partner had sent another note that went read but unanswered so we weren't sure what was going on, but the piece can be seen here:

I now consider this resolved.
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