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Advice Needed: What should I do?

So back in I'll say October of last year I bought a sketchbook slot from an artist I've done business with a few times before and never had a problem with. After payment and start of the sketchbook the artist ran into a lot of personal problems including the death of her mother. Nevertheless she was still true to her word and I received my sketchbook just much later that we had planned. Anywho one of the things include with the sketchbook was supposed to be some colored sketches. But she took my that the sketchbook she had bought was too small and she didn't like to try coloring in it, so she offered me 5 free digital draws of two character each of anything I wanted.

Well I gave her my ideas, refs, and etc on Aug. 13th of this year. I much her her again on Sep. 26th to ask about it. She told me she hasn't started them because she's been busy, but would next week. Well since then she has done several commissions included 4 animation ych's one of which was mine I will add.

I still haven't received one of the drawing yet so I'm kinda not sure what I should do. I mean for one the transaction was a year ago plus I already have the sketchbook. I'm a bit iffy on whether or not the five drawings should be considered included in the original commission since the sketchbook wasn't everything I was promised. At a crossroads because I've work with this artist before. In fact she was one of the first to every draw my sona. Thoughts on this?

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 05:35 pm (UTC)
From what you've told here, I don't think the artist is a bad person and is honestly trying to make up for things. You've worked for them plenty of times and the experience has been pretty good for you.

Now as for the digital pieces, they were offered by the artist for what you did not receive in your sketch book and it falls on her to finish what she offered. How many colored sketches were supposed to be in the book? I guessing 5 because of the digital pieces she offered.

Ask for an estimated finish date and wait for it to come.
Or maybe set up a schedule for each piece to be finished (1 picture a week or something)
Oct. 23rd, 2016 07:57 pm (UTC)
Oh trust she's isn't a bad person. Hope my post didn't come off as me trying to make her out to be one.

As for how many were supposed to be colored in the sketchbook there was no number. Just how many she felt like doing. Reason I accepted the 5 was because they were to be full digital ones where I get to decide what they are. Which I felt is more than fair.
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