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Advice needed: How long it is too long to wait for files?

Hello everyone

This is my first time needing to ask for some advice on how to handle something that happened recently to me. Even though I'm pretty much inclined to make an artist beware for this, I'd like to read suggestions on how to handle this kind of issues before going any further, as I don't have any experience.
Three weeks ago, I contacted an artist because she was selling a pack of psd files. She was out of town, so first a friend of the artist gave me some info, and then I contacted directly with the artist by note. To my surprise, she responded quickly to my notes. She offered me to tell her friend to send me the files as she wasn't at home, and so I paid her with that in mind. Then I didn't hear again from her.
As I knew she wasn't home, I waited two weeks before attempting to contact her. So I sent her a reminder, just asking for a possible date for delivery. I did sent her my e-mail. The artist didn't answer, but she read the message. This eerie silence is what makes it worrying, as she hasn't tried to contact me or tell me anything about the payment. And even though I've waited months for art, these are just two files I'm waiting for, so it's supposed to be quick and painless, but at this point I don't think she has the intention to send the files.
The artist has uploaded art, so I know she is still active; should I apply for a chargeback? Or should I do something else before demanding my money back? I know three weeks is "not a long time" for artists standards, but given that I'm expecting files, I guess it is reasonable.

Thanks for your help.
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