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Advice Needed: Lost Packages & Letters

Hi there!

I need advice on a small issue I've come across that I've never had to deal with before. This seemed like the right place to come, because the community here is so knowledgeable on how the postal service works.

Recently, I ordered an item from an artist's online shop. It was marked as shipped on September 16th. It is now October 14th, almost a month later, and it hasn't arrived. It was shipping within the United States in an envelope with no tracking, between two states that are both located on the east coast. You might know that a serious hurricane recently tore through the area, but I believe the item should have arrived well in advance to the storm, as it hit just last weekend.

Thus, I'm under the impression that the postal service has lost the envelope. It was intended as a gift, so I'm a little concerned.

So, I'm here to ask: what can be done to locate packages or envelopes that are lost?

Note that the artist is not responsible for lost or stolen packages/envelopes. Things like this happen sometimes, and this is a question of what to do when it does happen, not a critique of the artist or anything!

Thank you! <3

EDIT: Emailed the artist to find out through which service the item was shipped. I'm now working to recover it and they've offered to help, so this can be deleted or marked as resolved or whatever needs to be done!

Now, I'll answer my own question for anyone who might happen to see this and be wondering this themselves.

If a package or envelope is misplaced, the USPS offers a missing mail recovery program. You can submit a request to have the missing package searched for. [link]
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