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Beware: Furtastic Fursuits

WHERE: Through Facebook, original sales post was removed by them.

WHAT: $160 DVC small k9 blank with parts installed.

WHEN: August 24th, 2016

PROOF: Initial contact:
Proof of payment:
Asking about shipping:
Asking again, telling them about USPS pick-up:
Asking, no responses:
Getting a response but nothing promising, then asking for a refund. The last message Facebook says they read was at 2:56.
More being ignored.

EXPLAIN: Haley was offering a DVC small canine base up for sale on the "fursuit makers and furry artists" group on Facebook so I hopped on the opportunity since I needed one. Suffice to say I have yet to receive the product and actually ordered 6 resin bases from DVC on the same day a few hours earlier and have already received that before this.

It should be noted that I HAVE called PayPal about it and they refuse to issue me a claim because it was sent through the equivalent of "friends and family" while I had my student account (it sends everything outside of website purchases as such). At this point I may never receive my money nor my product.

EDIT September 19: She has posted a smaller A_B about me to a Facebook group using screenshots I posted above. I censored names of people not involved but she makes bold claims about me scamming other people, calls me "stupid" and a hypocrite, has spent the money I sent for the base so the option of a refund is no longer there and makes some unnecessary comments about my "perfect life". She has yet to message me back since Saturday so I did not know she apparently plans on sending out the base this weekend had I not received these screenshots.

EDIT October 16: I have been asking practically every day for a month now (can provide screenshots, it's mostly just "Any updates?") and finally got them to respond... Just to be ignored again. They claim they'll issue a refund and then go back to the "I'll mail it soon" excuse. At this point I just want the refund because I know I will never see the supplies.

EDIT October 17: Finally got a response... to find out not only is she 15-years-old, but she can't issue a refund anyway and her boyfriend gets involved.
Our conversation (I admit to getting aggressive towards the end, I had a headache):
The conversation with the boyfriend:

She also decided to write a second Facebook Beware on me, it has since been taken down by the admins of the group but she ironically used a screenshot I took in her first piece of evidence.

EDIT October 18: According to the bewaree and her boyfriend the boyfriend's mother mailed out the package this morning but neither of them are able to provide a tracking number. Here's the conversation I had with him today (language/caps warning):

EDIT October 20: Was blocked by the user but I received the base today. The box was poorly taped together so it buckled in and the base reeks of cat urine so an animal had to have sprayed it.

Base was infected with cockroaches. It turns out (upon ripping up it up) the box has pee and vomit stains on it. Lovely.
Tags: artist-furtasticfursuits, beware, fursuit, resolved

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