sewingstuffs (sewingstuffs) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: Kgosiarts/ReverseinverseFursuits

WHO: kgosiarts / reverseinversefursuits

WHERE: Facebook, Personal Account
WHAT: Stuffed Panda Studios Resin Base
WHEN: July 16th 2016 to August 19th 2016

All facebook messages, PayPal invoice and PayPal dispute information ->

Explain: So on July 16th I see that the seller is advertising a cut and hinged stuffed panda studio head base for sale, at a great price of $50 + shipping in a Facebook group. I contact them right away with my mailing address and PayPal details to get the base. They respond same day to my messages and invoice me, which I also paid the same day. After all is said and done I am promised the base will be shipped out ASAP. All of these conversations took place through Facebook chat.

Fast forward to August 11th and I have still yet to receive the base. Now I know shipping to Canada from the US can take a few weeks, but I have yet to even be noted about the base shipping out. No response. I make contact through Facebo
ok chat yet again inquiring about the status of the base August 14th as I am moving and my mailing address is changing. Still no response.  At this point I am getting sick of waiting and send them one last message on August 18th stating that I will be taking the matter to PayPal if I am still not updated.

On August 19th I opened a claim through PayPal to contact the seller. They respond to my messages stating that their Facebook chat was not working, and they left a message on their page saying so. Now I am not friends with them on Facebook so I wouldn’t have known that, but it still doesn’t explain why its been over a month and my base had yet to ship. As well even though they invoiced me through PayPal I still need to explain to them what I purchased, even though the invoice would have said if they looked. After their one reply through PayPal they ceased communication. I escalated the dispute to reclaim my funds on August 22 2016.

PayPal sided in my favour of course, but I am highly disappointed in this seller. If they sold the blank to someone else, or decided to keep it themselves they should have just refunded me. Not held onto my money with no intention of delivering a product. I would not recommend doing business with this seller unless you like opening PayPal claims.
Tags: artist-kgosiarts/reverseinverse, beware, fursuit


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