Scourge (scourge8574) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware: Art Fox Ninja

Who: Art Fox Ninja and Art Fox Studios

Where: (NSFW)

What: $15 Inked YCH (Sketch link NSFW)

When: March 3, 2016


Explain: I had come across her work while browsing the YCH section of FA, saw one that I like, and bought it. Things started off good at first, but got a bit slower though at the time I really didn’t mind being as that can happen with any artist. I eventually got a sketch which I was good with and was not just waiting for it to be inked. After a while I messaged him about the inked version and was took it would be done soon and that there were people ahead of me. No biggie.

Fast forward to about the middle of May. The artist has not uploaded anything, contacted me or anything for that time. Will when he does finally come back in late May he goes on about not having internet, yet when you look at his facebook link on his page you can see he had been updating his profile picture. Yet he wasn’t able to post a journal updating the people who paid him. Never received a word back about my commission after the sketch. And there still isn’t one finished commission on his whole page unless you count his personal art.
Tags: artist-artfoxninja/artfoxstudios, beware
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