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Beware: tobeabird (Resolved)

Where: (MOVED) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cynical-sergal/

What: $897usd Fursuit parts and art

When: First payment - 20th July 2015
Last payment -Rush order- 8th July 2016

Proof: (#1st Order - Small canine kit) http://imgur.com/Cm1JdS6
(#2ed Order - Small Feline kit) http://imgur.com/CaxyqE9
(#3ed Order - Uncut Base Order) http://imgur.com/j8waCwt
(#4th Order - Art/ pictures) http://imgur.com/rBxO8j1
(#5th Order - Stuffed Tail Order) http://imgur.com/7stIhPk
(No longer Needed)
(#7th Order - Rush Order Fee) http://imgur.com/vMxKw14
(#8th Emails -1) http://imgur.com/sfoBqoo
(UPDATE: Emails-2) https://imgur.com/rnlzno2
(UPDATE: Emails-3) http://imgur.com/FjO3lYE
(UPDATE: Emails-4) http://imgur.com/0jfXwaB

***(This is now been marked as Resolved, I no longer wish to continue waiting for something to be done. So I wish to just leave this beware alltogether. There for it's now marked as Resolved, this way it's done and over with. Many thanks.)***

(Final Udate: Thanks paypal; Paypal states they will give a week for seller to ship the items owed, yet 2 days later they refund me anyways. Sigh... I'm glad I got the refund, but so annoyed that I waited a year plus for everything, I didn't mind the extra week. It's great they were on my side the whole time, but damn it paypal the seller had a week.
I've been shown I did skip the TOS, so at this point I'm fine with just getting the first postage costs back and nothing else, I already have the final postage costs and rush order; since it's now not offically sent or was sent on agreed rush date, then that's all I'm really owed. Because sellers TOS - States no refunds, not even partial refund, then I can not claim on items themselves, only postage since it wasn't sent, that's all I can ask for, which is fine... So from this point I'm only owed first postage costs only. Many thanks.)

Threats are made for now the second time -
(Update: Emails-5) http://imgur.com/H7di3Sy

Explain: I first saw the sellers items at the beginning of July 2015. (They have moved accounts since we first talked.)
*I asked for my first small canine kit, which came with - canine foam base, choose of static or moving jaw nose, tongue, teeth and balaclava. (20th july 2015.)
*I couldn't pay for postage at the time due to my exchange rates, so we agreed I'd pay that later, which I did (19th aug 2015.)
*Next order was for a Small Feline Kit, (It was a canine base at first, I changed my mind later) Same thing as canine, just feline shape instead (1 oct 2015.)
*Next was for a stuffed fully finished fursuit tail -black with a white tail tip- (28th oct 2015)
*Next was for - Canine form base -not cut- (29 nov 2015)
It's at this time i'm starting to ask for photo's or progress. I get Messages explaining they are having a bit of a hard time. Sorry for all your troubles, I have them also, I have had bad ones for years without knowing I had them.
*Next I see they offer art and seem to be doing them pretty quickly, well at the time they were -(1 Dec 2015) and (22 Dec 2015.)
I'm getting upset, annoyed and starting to loss myself, I have a metal breakdown. But it's not just this seller, I've had a truly bad time mentally many times over the years, so I'm now on pills etc to help me. At this time I break down to the point I snap and say and do things I truly do regret, but I do not remember doing them. I see what I said, and I say I'm sorry and I really do mean it, I'm normally the very nice and claim type, so this shocked me just as much as it did everyone else at the time, including the seller.
*I offer a (Rush Order fee -8th Jul 2016) And we agreed on everything to be done beginning of August. Everything is done at the beginning of August, so all I need do is pay the difference in postage.

Final Postage Has Now Been Paid = 8/09/2016. (Proof = http://imgur.com/63VTKGU )

((I have not had much time to update this, I'm very sorry for that.)) I was just worried after all the emails mentioning I would get final postage cost, but at the time didn't seem to be happening, that I posted this beware up in the first place. ((But I did get one later, which has been paid for.)) I've had bad sales before and many times sellers promised me this day then that day, and it was kinda the same here or at least seemed that way, so I got fustarded thinking it's happening again, it's where my mind went automatically, so I filed a beware. I got the final postage cost, but also was informed to include the facts I was ok with waiting at first, that I understood at the time I had to wait for everything to be shipped together. Which you can read our emails for yourselves. I may have made this beware to soon and without warning, but with the stuff around I had been given, how could I not think my money was being taken for nothing in return. I was over thinking things and jumped to just thinking nothing but bad thoughts about everything, I should not have done that, but at the same time I wasn't being reassured with photo's I had asked for muliple times, if at all I even got them once, I would have waited with no issues at all, so I'm sorry, but at the same time I have the rights to think badly when nothing was truly being provided, other then emails stating I would get it etc - Many times the same email, it seemed like copy/paste and nothing else. ((PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE EMAILS TO READ THEM PROBABLY!)) In hindsight I should have just asked for each one to be sent by themselves, I know this for future refference I will not make that mistake again. Again I'm sorry.

I did rush into making this beware, and I am sorry for that, but I also had rights to do so, I do not need to give a warning that I would post one, stating this is a threat is it not? No matter how I worded it, even as nice as I could, it would not have mattered, as I was informing them I'd post a beware If I did not get my products, and doing so is a threat, this is exactly why I didn't give any warning at all. I did offer to pay taxi fare and was told to wait longer because they wished to shipped items together, again I get that, saves time and money. But I offered the taxi fare, I wish they took it, I would never have posted this beware otherwise. I would have had this shipped - 23ed - maybe 26th August. It would have been over and done with already. First try at posting it failed due to the post office getting it wrong with the details, USPS takes two weeks to refund the shipping, so I waited that.

They informed me of the refund being put back - 29/09/2016 - They informed me Tuesday works for them best they would sent it then - Which would have been - 04/10/2016.  (It's now today - 04/11/2016.) One month supposesly after getting the refund. They could ship it any Tuesday from when the refund was given, but they didn't. I gave a final date and never got a reply, If they simply asked me 'could I wait til the last day for them to send it'  I never got an emailing asking for that, I never would have placed a dispute to paypal on the final day. I heard nothing for 2 weeks after I asked if I could not reply to them anymore, since the emails were always seeming the same. I never said I didn't want them to contact me at all. Even a simple 'I understand, I'll message you when I ship it, give me til such and such date, or provide me a Final date for me to work off' All this could have been avorded if I had gotten that request.

If seller wishes to block or remove me later then that's fine I get it, I do not wish to order anymore anyway. There's not much else I can say. I will ask the admins to mark this as resolved once I have gotten the items I paid for, as that's all that is needed now, nothing else. I'm not even fused if I get the art anymore, I just want the items at this point nothing else.

Final actual item that was orderd was the Uncut canine Base = (29 nov 2015) - Still almost a year ago actually, 10 months if we are to get techial.

Many thanks for reading.

*Updates Provided above, hopefully that is ok?*
(Admins have requested that I update this again so they may keep track of how things are going.)
Artist's beware has moved!
Do NOT repost your old bewares. They are being archived.


Sep. 8th, 2016 03:09 am (UTC)
Like I stated above in other Reply I need to update this AB and show that we degassed I no longer wanted the tail or the character, I'd either sell or trade it later.

I just paid for the postage now, It's all paid for now, so all I really need is the tracking number and done. Thanks.

Edited at 2016-09-08 03:10 am (UTC)
Sep. 11th, 2016 04:39 am (UTC)
Please let us know when you receive your items/tracking number and we'll mark the post as resolved.
Sep. 12th, 2016 01:00 pm (UTC)
No worries I'll differently let you know. I have the tracking number, but due to the weekend the post office doesn't have large enough drop off boxes for the package to fit in. It's a very large box after all.

I will be informed Monday, which should be tonight for me and morning for them. Even if anything changes it will not matter to much since postage is paid, it only needs to be dropped off at the front office. If that makes since?

After that all good. ^_^

Edited at 2016-09-12 01:11 pm (UTC)
Sep. 24th, 2016 07:04 pm (UTC)
Any news on this? Did you ever get your stuff?
Oct. 20th, 2016 11:01 am (UTC)
Would like to mention I am still waiting. First try at sending the package failed due to office getting the item details wrong. Seller informed me they were refunded - 29/09/2016.

They inform me they will send it Tuesday - Which is the 4/10/2016.
They informed again for Tuesday - 11/09/2016

I wish to mention, I ask if I may not reply anymore, as it be the same reply and responses so far otherwise. Also reading the same thing over and over is to be honest, upsetting to say the least. I did not mention I do not want any connect all all, merely that I wish to not reply til the items are sent.

We are past another Tuesday this week also - 18/09/2016

Like to mention seller has informed me Tuesday works best for them as they have more time then.

Many thanks, you requested that I keep you up to date. Thank you for your time.
Oct. 31st, 2016 09:46 am (UTC)
(Final date has been given, not only by me, but by paypal and my bank. I'm not sure if seller has seen it. But I have been informed, that even if they have not seen it, it does not matter, as it's the seller responsibility to check emails, If they failed to see it, then that rest on them not me.)

Very sorry but I am done waiting I have given many changes over the months and another month now this week coming for tracking to be provided, enough is enough. My bank has also informed me of this fact as well, they have looked over all emails, they are 90% siding with me to have this refund given and a possible case opened etc. Sorry it's had to come to this.

Many thanks.

Edited at 2016-10-31 09:47 am (UTC)
Oct. 31st, 2016 07:23 pm (UTC)
All of that fuss trying to make it out like they're eager to get this resolved and everything was somehow your fault and yet it's roughly two months later and you still don't have it? Goodness. Beware more than warranted.
Nov. 3rd, 2016 12:35 am (UTC)
Would like to inform I have asked for a partial refund for now. I had not been given a reply the entire week after sending the last message. I have gotten one today mentioning they would ship it today but now can't as funds are frozen.

Seller had a week to inform me, I will send it final day on the day for eg. I would have given til this Friday if that were the case, I never got an email til today on the day. It seems convenient to be honest, again making me seem to be the one that is in the wrong.

I can no longer reply I have been informed and advised not to anymore. Like to state, I was told I could not ask for a refund, even though I had done so with the seller at least once, yet now they state I can, I just lose the deposit, I'm pretty sure I asked for that option before. - http://imgur.com/sfoBqoo Download this - 21/07/2016.

EG this quite :The answer for the refund is no. When you purchased bases and the tail, the terms of purchase were in those journals and sale posts. They said once work is started, they are non-refundable.:

Yet today I got this: If you want a refund you need to terminate your commission with me in a civil manner. Terminating means I relist all your projects for sale so you can get a refund. This means you lose the non-refundable deposit and get a refund when the products are paid for by the new client.
((I don't even know what that deposit was, never been told it, I never got the TOS emailed to me, I never signed anything even though they have a contract apparently, which I've never seen, I've only been told there is one.))

Seems to me they are simply panicking and trying anything they can to again make me the bad guy. I already asked to cancel once was told I couldn't but now today I can, I'm confused which is it?

All this could have been solved today if I got a reply this week stating please give me to final date to get it sent, I never got that email this whole week, If I had, I would have waited til Friday, giving that one extra day before reporting.

Edited at 2016-11-03 12:41 am (UTC)
Nov. 3rd, 2016 02:41 am (UTC)
They provided a tracking number now, but they refuse to ship it until I close my dispute with paypal. Paypal will not allow the dispute to be canceled until the items are sent and actually get to me, their words over the phone to me today.

Seller again has made threats - http://imgur.com/H7di3Sy

This is not ok. I'm the victim here as far as I can see, I paid for items, I tried to ask for a refund got told 'No'. Gave time and then some, waited a month for tracking number to be provided. Today they state I can get the refund though before I could not, then now threats again. I'm done with this, if the items are not sent within the time frame paypal has given, I get to fail a full case and get everything back, TOS only applies to a fully licensed business, that's what paypal told me today.

Many thanks
Nov. 3rd, 2016 02:44 am (UTC)
Do not close the dispute whatever you do. If you do it can't be reopened. Once it is in your hands then you can close it. The artist can threaten to "counter beware" all they like, but it is never a guarantee that it will make it past the queue. If their complaint is not valid, then it will be rejected.
Nov. 3rd, 2016 03:06 am (UTC)
Even if they were to make one and it did go through I no longer in the state to care anymore, they have treated me bad enough as it is.

I know what I need to do my end once it gets here. Close the case only once it gets here, I was told that and I will, but I still get to have the "rush order" It's what they told me over the phone. Because it was not rushed on the date we agreed one, I have all rights to keep that one, paypal informed me of that themselves over the phone.


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