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Artist Beware: Xarkbeast/Arkadult

WHO: Xarkbeast(FA), Arkadult(YCH), and Redixxbeastdesigns (DA).

WHERE: Formally FA and DA.

WHAT: $30 Digital two character feral mating art.

WHEN: Jan. 17, 2016


EXPLAIN: Not sure if this well be allowed, but I think people deserve to be warn about this artist. So wanted to do a beware on this artist before, but before I could he deactivated all account he had so I though it was pointless until I ran into him again yesterday under a new name.

Anyway it started when said artist uploaded multiple ych's one which I bought for $30. Things seems normal at first. Noted him on FA a month later about my commission. Turns out he never started because he didn't know their genders. Was a bit annoyed for two reasons. One being that he waited a month to ask and may have waited longer had I not messaged him and the second because their genders looked to be clear in the references and I told him the first time he asked. Never the less told him and wait yet another month and asked about a trello or something like that. Never got an answer to my commission question. Later tried messaging him again to find his FA deactivated. Immediately went to pay palpay to file a claim. Few days later get an email asking if I want a refund or the art. I chose the refund and was asked it I could wait until Tuesday.

Later gives me some bullshit about Paypal locking him out of the transaction and that he will send the money from a new account after I drop the claim. If anyone knows paypal like me you know that once a claim is closes it can't be reopened and it he did send the money he could then do a charge back claiming it wasn't him. That was a HUGE red flag and I stop talking to him all together and let paypal take it from there. In the end got my money back.

Fast forward a bit to yesterday when I'm on a site for sell ych's. I bid on a auction but a few minutes before it ended I found it below to said artist. The was no way to back out or contact him so I waited for an email. In it he thank me for bidding an ask that I send the payment through family and friends. Again if you know paypal you know that's a terrible way to pay for art. I ended up telling him I wanted to back out before it had ended because I knew who he was and had a terrible experience with him in the past. As of now it looks like that account has be abandon as well.

Edit: Seems his FA account has been reactivated sometime after I made this beware.
Tags: artist-xarkbeast/arkadult/sinistertrexx, beware

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