Mel (selunca) wrote in artists_beware,

Yo ho! I just wanted to post about some great people I've been working with of late:

Moldred, Streaks (The skunk) and Silverfoxwolf have been three commissioners I've worked with in the past month or so, and they are FABULOUS.
A+ commissioners, I've worked with Moldred three times now, always good with his discriptions and prompt with payment.
Silverfoxwolf commissioned me for 6 drawings, and has been GREAT about it, the process has been fast, and fun.
Streaks commissioned me for two for two of his characters, and they've been GREAT. Fun to work with, and very prompt payment!

And an artist I worked with recent, whos "Warmth" piece I bought, is Wyla. Shes amazeing, she sent the peice out and I recieved it within a week of winning the auction, and she was very nice. Though she undercharges herself. :P

Thanks. :)

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