Scourge (scourge8574) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware: TinyArtz

WHO: TinyArts


WHAT: $5 Digital Badge

WHEN: May 3.


EXPLAIN: Saw the add while browsing FA, thought it look cute, and bought a slot in a $5 dollar badge commission from the artist. A while later I saw that her Trello hadn't been updated in a while so I messaged her on FA. She told me that my commission was finished and that she would send it to me Wednesday because she was in the middle of a move. Well I actually gave her two additional weeks before messaging her again this time through telegram. She says sorry explaining that she's been going through a lot and that she asked her boyfriend to upload it. Then says she'll make sure that it gets to me this time. Well Waited again and to my surprise again nothing. Neither her nor her boyfriend's FA page have seen any activity in a while so I'm concluding the artist just bailed.

Current Mood:Cheated
Tags: artist-tinyartz, beware

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