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WHO: lilbrony12012

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lilbrony12012/

WHAT: YCH style image.

WHEN: July 4 2016 to July 29 2016.

EXPLAIN: To preface, I am assuming lilbrony12012s gender is female based on her fursona and listed FB name. If I am incorrect, I will edit!

I posted several YCH sketches on FurAffinity to be sold at flat rate. In the description I state that I will send an invoice (which I can either send as soon as they claim, when all the slots are claimed, or when I am ready to start their image if I have a bunch to do like in this instance) and it is to be paid right away. She claims both slots (which nets a tiny discount). Since I had posted 9 sketches and a bunch of them sold right away and she was far down on the list, I believe I said that she could give me her PP address when it was her turn I would send the invoice at that time... I did delete the posting before thinking to grab a screenshot, sorry!

Here is a list of incoming note dates.

A bit of interaction. As I was finishing up the image before theirs, it had been 10 days since she claimed the slot, so she sent a note asking how long the image would take to complete once they paid. I am usually pretty quick at art if I am not super busy at work so I responded that it would be a couple of days as soon as I finished the current pic which was about 80% done at the time.

The next day she responded and sent me her address, and expressed that she wanted to send the refs via email. Later that day I said okay and sent an invoice immediately. On my PayPal it says it was sent at 5:12am on the 15th, the note I sent her saying 'sure' is time stamped at 8:11am on the 15th... this is because FA time is 3 hours ahead of my real time. I sent the invoice 1min after the note in reality.

In the previous note screenshot she asked if I received payment. I said that I hadn't, but I did send out the invoice already. The day after that she says she will check again. At this point I sent a reminder to her email.

Three days pass without payment or note. I send another note. I realize now when I said "7 days" I meant "5 days since the invoice was sent out" but still, it had been several days and not only had the invoice not been paid (which is a very easy process) but she still hadn't sent me an email with her chosen ref pics. Just in case I had sent the invoice to the wrong email address, I copy/pasted the one from the invoice to double check. She says that it all looks good on her end, so I do have the right email.

Well that is just strange. If she clicked the link in the invoice email and paid it and HER end says it sent, then I should have it on my end and it should say 'paid' on MY end. The next day I say it is weird and could she show me a screenshot of her PayPal page so I can get in touch with PayPal and get it sorted out. I also included a screenshot of my PP stuff for her to see, though for AB I've censored her email address.

Those two notes sat unread in her inbox (I checked my outbox several times a day) for 5 more days until I gave up and said I was canceling and relisting. It had been two weeks of waiting for her payment AND refs and I didn't want to wait anymore.

I am not sure how much longer the (now) three notes sat unread in her inbox, but I stopped checking. They have been read now though. She didn't contact me again after she said that her payment had gone through on her end.

It was frustrating, especially since I had sold a YCH to her in the past before and it went off without a hitch.
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