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germ/Keiiba/Meilkei RESOLVED

WHO: germ @ Wolfhome forums

WHERE: Originally occurred on the Wolfhome forums, contact eventually was made through notes on Furaffinity as they appeared to be more active there. Also conversed on e-mail.

WHAT: A custom 'Keijin' of their closed species ($67)

WHEN: I won the auction on May 25th, I paid the same day


Them notifying me that I'd won their auction, and our resulting conversation detailing payment:

Proof of payment:

messages requesting updates and their subsequent responses (ignore the dates on some of the notes, i screen-shotted them months ago):
i often left 1-2 month gap, sometimes more between updates
these are all in order - they deactivated their account sometime after this (e-mail) their response to e-mail sketch delivery (sketch :
2 months later on June 9th this was the last contact when they requested my references again, since then I have heard nothing. (although I did request another update August 4th) & (showing message unread.)


I participated in an auction of their closed species, Keijin, on the Wolfhome forums. I was really excited because I loved their art and I had admired them for a long time, believing them to have a good reputation. Upon winning they PM'd me their paypal and I paid within a few hours and replied back to their PM stating that I had done so. When they didn't reply, I also sent them a note on their FA to which they responded within a day or so. We drawled out specifics, and I wasn't concerned at the time.

Contact afterwards began to dwindle, I'd request for updates roughly every one or two months, despite the fact they were active on all of their sites and could have provided me with professional updates often. I did understand their reasoning, especially when their tablet broke. But then after they received a new one, they got back into art and didn't contact me until I had to do so myself. I did my best to keep my responses polite and respectful, because I was worried about their situation at the time.

The deadline for a Paypal dispute trickled by, but their notes about them being in debt really concerned me and I decided to trust them, and not take it up with Paypal which I honestly regret.

Eventually after 7 months I told them they didn't need to make me the keijin if they were struggling, and that I'd be happy with a $65 equivalent of artwork, and gave them the freedom to pick any of my characters to draw because at this point all I wanted was something back. They admitted they were struggling, as I thought and agreed with my suggestion. They continued to do personal art and art for others.

Another month went by without contact, and I decided to check up on their page but I was met with: 'User "Keiiba" has voluntarily disabled access to their account and all of its contents' - I was miffed since they hadn't contacted me before disappearing and. Afterwards, I dug up their Paypal e-mail and I sent them a note to urge them to get in contact with me, or else I'd write up this beware. Afterwards on a new account, Meilkei, they sent a few notes back and forth and eventually gave me the first piece of artwork which was a nice sketch, but after that - nothing. They may or may not be working on something for me, but I have not received any notes updating me on the status of my commission so I presume that nothing has been done since the sketch.

At this point I am really tired of waiting and my attempts to ask for updates always leaves me stressed out and upset. I'm a bit upset because $67 is in fact quite a lot of money to me, and I wouldn't like anyone else to feel the same disappointment. She's a really lovely person, but this was a terrible experience.

To date, after 1 year and 2 months - I have received one sketch and zero reimbursement.

----- UPDATE 08/08/16 -----

They replied, the screenshot pretty much sums it up
I guess I'll check in again in another few months..

----- UPDATE 11/12/16 -----

Got back in contact October 27th, I've now been reimbursed and all art has been drawn and provided. Was very apologetic and sincere, I am happy to have this marked as resolved now.
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