Holly Holt (ratcoffee) wrote in artists_beware,
Holly Holt

Beware: DogBarf/TommyFoof

WHO: DogBarf/TommyFoof

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dogbarf/

WHAT: I posted an auction for a premade ferret fursuit head on furbuy. DogBarf won the auction on 3/3/15. He commissioned a tail and footpaws from me to go with the character and be sent to him with the head. The total was $510. $360 (head) + $70 (tail) + $80 (feet) and so far he has only paid $320 plus shipping. He still owes $190.

WHEN: The auction was won on 3/3/15, the additional parts were commissioned on 4/19, and I sent it out on 6/25.

PROOF: Entire email correspondence: http://imgur.com/a/h1hc7
Paypal screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/mfulp

EXPLAIN: Things were going well and I was having a good time making parts to go with the premade ferret I had sold on furbuy. DogBarf paid off a good portion of it and wanted it in time for a convention. I had finished the parts, so I foolishly sent the suit to him before it had been paid off. Communication since then has been spotty. I haven't seen another dollar since I sent it to him. He has attended a couple conventions in the meantime, wearing the suit he still owes money on. Looking back on the emails there were warning signs, but I was new to commission work and very naive.

I love the character he created for the suit, and I still think it is a pretty cute suit even though I have improved in the time since I made it. I would love to get this resolved since DogBarf seemed like an overall good person while I was working on their commission.

UPDATE: He is in contact with me again and plans on paying what he owes. I will update again with caps once I get the payment(s).
Tags: beware, comm-dogbarf/tommyfoof
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