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Patreon Bailer

WHO: DraconicIrish (Deviantart, Twitter, Tumblr, Patreon) was the offending account. (Though they've pretty much abaondoned that username by now.)

She jumps to a new account very frequently, so I'm listing these as well: CrazyBitterSweet, CoffePink, NocturnalHours, SweetOaths, CrimsonTeaWitch, ButterCrunchies, LazyBitter, Cerieas, AngelicThought, CatalystCrystals, TheLazyDragon, Aysume, stubbornquill

WHERE: The Patreon account that she pledged to me from.

WHAT: Declined Patreon pledge.

WHEN: Started on July 29th 2016, still ongoing.


Pledge email:

Her liking/viewing Patreon-only posts:

Pledge declined:

Initial message on Deviantart:

Followups not replied to but viewed: and

Paypal invoice:

Twitter messages:

EXPLAIN: I got a surprising email in my inbox a little while back about a new pledger donating 20$. I have a reward tier that gives out a mystery box at that amount, which I saw they were interested in. Shortly thereafter, they raised the pledge from 20 to 30$ with no explanation. (My first red flag, the extra 10$ was a strange amount. I have no reward for 10$, it was 3$ short of a different reward tier that she could've stacked, and it was 2$ short of the next funding goal. But whatever, I tried to view it as my "lucky day.")

I messaged her asking what she likes/her interests so I could better organize a box for her once the month was up. She responded with random goodies being fine, and that was the only contact I had with her about it.

In the mean time, given that Patreon has "charge upfront" being a beta-tested only feature (one I and most people don't have), she was receiving all of my Patreon-only content for free.

Come pay day, her pledge was declined. I wasn't surprised (I had a feeling all along it wasn't legit), mostly disappointed. For declined pledges, Patreon sends out an email informing them and advice on how to fix it. I figured I'd give her a day to sort it out. The next day, no change, and I saw her active on Deviantart. I sent her a message there, as there is only a 48 hour window of charging, to let her know and to fix it asap. She replied (shockingly) and said she would do so.

Nothing happened. I messaged her that we could go directly through Paypal and gave her the options of: paying for what she had received (1), paying for the box (20), or paying her full pledged amount (30). From then on, I heard nothing from her, and she had been reading my messages. Sent her a message on Twitter, nothing.

From the get-go, I knew she had an alternate account that also followed my Deviantart. It took little digging to find it again (as she had it listed on her profile then later removed it). However in doing so, I found out she had dozens of accounts, all fairly recent. It seemed she jumped ship often, which was why I listed so many at the top. However avoidant she may have been on the DraconicIrish one, she was still actively online (and even commented + favorited a piece of mine) on her alt.

I sent a Paypal invoice of the 1$ minimum charge for what she received. Though given the sheer number of email addresses she must have (for that many Deviantart accounts which all require unique ones), I'm not sure if I'm going to see a penny, let alone 100 of them.

I'm not expecting her to pay, though I do care about sharing this information. She not only did this to me, but also to a friend of mine. (Pledging 10$ on their Patreon and bailing as well.) I'm concerned this behavior could be repeated.

UPDATE: She responded, after I replied to her alternate account that I knew it was her. No payments have been made yet though.

Messages: and

UPDATE #2: Says she'll pay me Monday. I'll update again if/when that happens.

Message (read bottom to top):

UPDATE #3: (Aug 17) I've been paid. This can be marked as resolved. Please note that she has a new username: EmbersTea
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