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WHO: Anjila, @anjila on twitter,

WHERE: Advertisement was on Twitter & commission was established via email. The original sales post I responded to is no longer available, but this sales post after my commission was established still remains:

WHAT: Commission for 2 icons.

WHEN: November 2015

PROOF: I sent the initial email to start the commission for two character icons, I recieved a confirmation that they would accept the commission:
I paid:

The last communication I was able to estabish with the artist was 2/25/2016 3:23 PM when they replied with:

I have sent updated ref sheets via email 3/29/2016 3:11 PM to no reply.
After a long wait, I sent the most recent email Fri 7/29/2016 2:49 PM, also to no reply:

EXPLAIN: I commissioned two icons from this artist who advertised openings on Twitter. They accepted the commission, recieved payment, but did not follow through with completion. Communication has basically ended from their side and I have not heard from them since Feb 2016. I am writing today to either attempt to re-establish communication or share caution with other users who may interact with this artist in the future. This was purelely a business transaction, I am not too familiar with the artist on a personal level or their status in the community, so I dont pass any judgement other than "I have not recieved the art I paid for", I would be happy to accept the completed art, recieve an update if the art will come but the artist needs more time, or a refund instead of art if they choose to no longer draw. I would be happy with either outcome.

I have learned a lesson in which I no longer commission any artist that has the slightest whiff of "emergency" or "urgent" in their sales posts.

Additional question regarding this situation: Should I send a request for refund money to their paypal? I am certain this is past the dispute timescale unfortunately.
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