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Advice: Purchasing fixer upper head

Hello there lovelies!

I've found myself in a bit of a sticky situation, and I'm looking for opinions on what the best source of action would be at this point.

So, recently a friend of mine decided they were selling a fursuit head of theirs. Since the character itself is a very beloved one of theirs, they wanted the head to go to someone they trusted. They offered it to me for quite cheap just to ensure it goes to a good home

However, the head itself has some problems
The fur on the muzzle is shedding badly. It has bald spots and needs to be replaced yesterday. The lining in the head was removed due to the fact that it was actually a quilted lining and was trapping heat inside the head. The shaving also needs some touch ups, and several pins were found inside the head after my friend recieved it

It also needs to be changed from her character (who is fairly well known) to a more neutral one

Now, I'm a fursuit maker myself, and making these changes would be abysmally easy for me. However, the original maker does not like other people tuching there work in any way, shape, or form, and makes their customers sign a contract stating they will only return to them for repairs. They also make anyone who purchases any costumes secondhand sign the same form.

The current owner of the head and the maker had a falling out and no longer speak. And Based on the issues above, I don't particularly want to pay to send the head back to them, especially if I can make the fixes on my own

Is attempting to purchase/deal with the situation surrounding this head worth my time, in your opinion?

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Aug. 7th, 2016 05:05 pm (UTC)
I would just do the work. Don't enable or humour this person's delusions about how they can control their product's end use. They want to make money by selling a product they can play by the same rules as anyone else selling a product.

They might be able to enforce a first sale type of clause in their contracts but beyond that they'd be hard pressed to get their terms declared reasonable and enforceable even in small claims.

If they want to try with this kind of BS post-sale rules they can try getting a properly written terms of use done up as part of a written and signed/e-signed contract but still, good luck actually collecting any damages or winning a case if they try and sue for breach of those.

Do the work, wear the head, don't give in to people who want to profit from running a business but act like it's not like a business.


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