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WHO: Thatdangcat / Toradoshi

WHERE: They have heaps of places to contact them, these are all the ones they have listed on their Furaffinity. All contact we had was via emails or FA notes.

WHAT: Premade partial on Furbuy to be made into a digitigrade fullsuit. Purchased by myself and my partner as a joint commission with him doing the majority of the contact for ease of commission.

WHEN: Premade was bought around 4/4/15 and stopped responding after 7/25/15

Premade partial was bought from Furbuy around the 4/4/15th, the furbuy page has long gone so not sure on exact date.
3/6/15 - Picture of the suit from the makers account, same image used on FB auction - /

4/17/15 -7/25/15 - A list of all the payments sent -

4/8/15 - 4/11/15 - Details worked out with payment plan and details for suit
Some progress was made towards making it into a fullsuit
5/15/15 - Hands and claws were started /
6/12/15 - Padding was made /

A full list of the emails + content

7/25/15 - Where emails start going unresponded to
Repeated unread notes on both their FA accounts
2/4/16 - 6/5/16 More unresponded emails /

7/27/16 - After repeated ignored/unpened notes and emails I sent them a note from my FA account asking about a commission enquiry on the 7/27/16 which was replied to on the same day. I sent them a note saying they obviously weren't having any issues getting notes and to either update us, or refund us. That note was read, and I have yet to recieve a reply but they have been uploading art to their Toradoshi account since then.

Obviously this has gone on way too long and we should have followed it up over a year ago. The suit was intended for my partner and myself to be able to wear. He was the one organizing and doing the transaction itself along with the details for it so the artist wasn't communicating with both of us, but the commission was for the two of us. Most of the details were run by me to agree with as well, but all emails and payments were sent by him. Unfortunately he's pretty new to the commissioning game and while I'd have bailed out and followed this up a year ago, he kept going in the hopes this would actually get completed. In putting together this AB I saw (He actually probably told me at the time but I forgot) that this suit had a timeframe of 2-4 months :/

We're in the process of trying to contact paypal and his bank to do a chargeback on Toradoshi in an attempt to get our money back. I'm not holding out hope on a refund seeing my last note has gone unresponded to and going by their Trello they have other people waiting on refunds (See Blue/white wolf head card) and no suit work done since November 2015, but with two new suits added this year.

EXPLAIN: Bought a premade partial from Thatdangcat/Toradoshi on 4/4/15 and they stopped updating us after the 7/25/15. At first chalked it up to emails not getting through, so I bugged my partner to send them a note on their FA to their fursuiting account (Thatdangcat) and their main account (Toradoshi) which was being updated almost daily. Repeated unread notes and unreplied to emails I sent them a note from my own account, which they promptly responded to then stopped replying to once I asked about our suit.

ADDED: Since writing this the artist has contacted us again At the moment still deciding how best to proceed.

*edited to fix spelling and unfilled dates*

Update: so Toradoshi has been replying since all this, and we've decided to continue with the commission but with a 3 month deadline with weekly updates. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly now!
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