Watergazer (watergazer) wrote in artists_beware,

About Myself

I wanted to let everyone know that I am taking a very long time to complete commissions and trades. It's also very possible I have let some people fall through the cracks so I don't mind having a reminder here and there if you haven't heard from me lately! I just don't want to come here and find out someone's upset with me because I do admit, I have been slower than the usual and have gone through a lot recently...which is yet another reason to post here because I want all women to be aware of this (and boyfriends/fiances/husbands too) Rather than bog the LJ, here's a link to said issues: http://watergazerwolf.deviantart.com/journal/9678848/
Again, if I owe you and you have not heard from me, email me again. I am going through a slew of email right now but some may have been wrongfully deleted or lost or whatever. also, I owe people art supplies I have been giving away, and I will sort through those by next week...but I am missing the artists Anklebones who requested turtkey feathers. Are you out there?
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